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Thinking Of You ( Feat. Lil Wayne)


Uh, and mommy used to tell me one day some girl gone get me
Uh, but I wont know love if it walk right up and hit me
Uh, and if I fall to the ground I get up and fight another round
Girl, and I got money on my mind, money on my mind, but now...
I keep thinking of you, I keep, I keep thinking of you, I keep thinking of you
Girl, I keep thinking of you, I keep, I keep thinking of you, I keep thinking of you (x2) girll
And we ain't even gotta go far, we ain't gotta talk about the war, we can just (Get it (7x))
I said we ain't even gotta go far, we ain't gotta talk about the war, we can just (Get it (7x))

Damn im just thinking home 3 winner
Chriping late night, she had the light up antenna
Voices far from tenna
13 speaking like we 23 sometimes I would even miss dinner
Cause talking with you felt more impotant than Jordan's release when the 17's, remember?
I get em, simalar to any girl I've metion
They only thought I'd metion I'm only playing with your intuition
You seem to think that I was different
But too flashy for boyfriend material
But I beg to differ
and this is it im showin' you more material,
Now listen, let's Kiss, like Gene Simmons
I've got a vision, fuck a title,
We the perfect image, you and I
No eyein' them, them girls, you be eyein' 'em, cause they be eyein' him
They water stronger than vitamins,
Lovin' you to death, I didn't expect
Beautiful girls, make you suicidal,
I guess I'm dyin then..

Uhh, up jump the boogie, and shorty said she feelin' my flavor
And even when I ain't lookin', I got her on my radar
And yes I know man I am so, so blessed to have her,
So yesterday, today, and the day after I keep thinkin' of you,
I keep thinkin' of youuu
I keep thinking of you, I keep, I keep thinking of you, I keep thinking of you
Girl, I keep thinking of you, I keep, I keep thinking of you, I keep thinking of you (x2) girll
Shorty said she feelin' my swag
Shorty said she feelin' my style

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