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Ruff Stuff


I like 'em big and I like 'em small
And if I had to take the oath I would take them all
Give me that ruff stuff
(It's what I want)

She's a saint, she's a sinner
She's a rave, rave, rave
She's a woman, she's a winner
In every way, way, way
She don't want love
Nor cabaret that's out
She like to play around
That suits me fine
I like it better when she read my mind
You know, don't want a woman with a ball and chain
Don't want to play that game

Just give me that ruff stuff
I want ruff stuff
Baby give me ruff stuff
You don't want ruff stuff?
Don't want your face around here

Make you shake, make you shiver
Make you pray, pray, pray
Gonna make you quake, make you quiver
And turn you grey, grey, grey
I don't need brakes
They slow me down too much
They keep me out of touch
They lock me in
I like it better when I pull the pin
You know, don't want a woman with a ball and chain
Don't want to play that game


I like them big and I like them small
And if they asked me to take an oath, I would have to take them all
Give me that ruff stuff
I want ruff stuff
Baby give me ruff stuff
Baby wanna ruff stuff
Ruff Stuff Baby
Baby give me ruff stuff
Takin' all the ruff stuff
(I want that)

Don't want your face round here
Don't want your face round here
I don't want your face round my backyard any more

Composición: Angus Young / Brian Johnson / Malcolm Young · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Kaio
163 reproducciones
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