Young Jeezy

[Verse 1:]
(Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay)
Class In Session When I Talk Then Listen But U Know How It Go Real Niggas Pay Attention Aint Talkin
Money We Speakin A Different Language The Hatin Niggas Gonna Be The Translators They Move To Slow When I
Think To Quick Thats Why I Flash Like Gordon Im Light Years Ahead Of U Niggas Thats Why I Forgot More
Than You Learned Its My Spot Now U Better Wait Your Turn And That Yayo Shit Is Irrelavent You Cant Hide
The Fact That Im Intellegant Street Smart With The Little Book Sets A Young Nigga With Alot Of Common
Sense They Say Im Shallow But I Think So Deep (How Deep) Deep As The Abys So When You Get A Minuet Take A
Look At My Wrists Wassup

Hypnotized You Are Hypnotized [x4]
Now I Command You Niggas To Get Money [x4]

[Verse 2:]
Rock Ice Yeah Nigga Live Life Cant Explain The Feeling When Im Riddin In The Chevy Im On Top Of The
World Just Gives Me The Chills Yet Im Big On Wheels A Thousand There With The Dreams In Mills Then Grands
At The Mall Just For Thrills Shit I Get It Right Back Nigga Thats For Real Its All In The Game Free
Throws And Fouls Half A Mill In The Bassment Got Damn Im Flavored I Want It All No Matter The Cost Fuck
The Consequences Aint Nothin To A Boss Made Alot Out Of A Little Something Out Of Nothing Im So Proud Of
Me Put The Streets On Top Where Their Supposed To Be The Sky Is The Limit Thats What Jeezy Said And The
Limmit Is The Sky Lets Slice That Pie


Hypnotized You Are Hypnotized [x4]
Now I I Command U Niggas To Get Money [x4]
Hypnotized You Are Hypnotized [x4]
Now I Command You Niggas To Get Money [x4]
Hypnotized You Are Hypnotized You Are Hypnotized [x4]

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