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If It's True

Yo La Tengo

I hear the things you say
I read your mind and I understand
Baby the plans you make somehow got off the track
maybe so or we just forgot to plan

if it's true
I don't mind
there's a million other things that keep me up at night
maybe it's not quite right
but we'll find out
if it's true

the coast is never clear
answers always beyond our reach
and though it's not my way won't you help me try
let's make ?? that gives us ??

if it's true
I don't mind
there's a million other things that keep me up at night
maybe it's not quite right
but we'll find out
if it's true

with every passing year the end draws near
another hope that's smashed
tell me it doesn't matter anyway
and I don't feel let down
it's always better when you are near

won't you try a little bit harder?
I could try a little bit more
if you could only stop thinking about all of
maybe we'll find just what we're looking for

if it's true
I don't mind
there's a million other things that keep me up at night
baby it's not quite right
but we'll find out
if it's true

Composición: Yo La Tengo · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
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