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Fire In The Hole

The Tragically Hip

You triumphed over will
You had immunity to kill
You had your dreams fulfilled
And i love you still

But there's a power beyond control
There's a fire in the hole
The nights are getting cold
All your secrets will be told
Turn your lanterns low

As long as you can dig up proof
As cold as water through the roof
Brutal as depicted truth
That kid's a fucking goof
Turn your lanterns low

But there's a power beyond control
There's a fire in the hole
Yeah, the nights are getting cold
All his secrets will be told
Turn your lanterns low
All right

I'd like to stand up soon and show
I'd like to let some people know
I'd turn my bucket over
I'd turn my lantern low

But there's a power beyond control
There's a fire in the hole
Yeah, the nights are getting cold
All my secrets will be told
Turn your lanterns low
All right, all right

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