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Sofa Song

The Kooks

The city freeze for
I just realised I don't like you
Me and my girl
Are going out for some air
And I will do my best
Just to get under her dress
And catch you out if I can
On the other side of my sofa

Won't you come on over?
At the side of my sofa
Won't you come on over?

The city heated up it
It got blurry cause I'd had enough
And he tried to take your soul
But didn't realise you keep it in a different hole

Won't you come on over?
At the side of my sofa
Won't you come on over?

So here he comes, a man with
A loaded gun, I don't know if he
Wants my soul or my
Cash flow, I s'pose I don't know

So here he comes, a man with a
A loaded gun I don't know if he
Wants my girl's heart or her pearls
I s'pose I don't know
I s'pose I don't know
I s'pose I don't know
I s'pose I don't know
I s'pose I don't know

Composición: Hugh Harris / Luke Pritchard / Max Rafferty · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Sylvio
455 reproducciones
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