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A Dustland Fairytale

The Killers

A Dustland Fairytale beginning
Just another white trash county kiss
In '61, long brown hair, foolish eyes

He looks just like you'd want him to
Some kind of slick chrome American Prince
A blue jean serenade, and moon river, what you do to me
I don't believe you

Saw Cinderella in a party dress
But she was looking for a nightgown
I saw the devil wrapping up his hands
He's getting ready for the showdown
I saw the minute that I turned away
I got my money on a palm tonight

Change came in disguise of revelation, set his soul on fire
She says she always knew he'd come around
And the decades disappear like sinking ships
But we persevere, God gives us hope
But we still fear what we don't know

The mind is poison
Castles in the sky sit stranded, vandalized
Drawbridges closing

Saw Cinderella in a party dress
But she was looking for a nightgown
I saw the devil wrapping up his hands
He's getting ready for the showdown
I saw the ending when they turned the page
I took my money and I ran away
Straight to the valley of the great divide

Out where the dreams are high
Out here, the wind don't blow
Out here, the good girls die
And the sky won't snow
Out here, the birds don't sing
Out here, the fields don't grow
Out here, the bell don't ring
Out here, the bell don't ring

Out here, the good girls die

Now Cinderella, don't you go to sleep
It's such a bitter form of refuge
Oh don't you know, the kingdom's under siege
And everybody needs you?
Is there still magic in the midnight sun
Or did you leave it back in 61?
In the cadence of a young man's eyes
Out where the dreams all hide...!

Composición: The Killers · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Jimmy
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