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I Don't Wanna Go Home

The Alan Parsons Project

Go back home you damn fool
Surely you know you can't win
You should never have come near this place
You should have stayed outside, lookin' in

It's too late to turn back
Nobody asked you to try
But they blinded you with diamonds
And all the money that money can buy

And I'm so afraid of being on my own
But I don't wanna go home

You can't win you damn fool
You drank all the wine from the cup
And your painted lady's gone now
And you're way back on the downside, lookin' up

You can't catch the monkey on your back
Nobody asked you to try
But for every heart they held a spade
And you lost more than money can buy

And I'm so afraid of being on my own
But I don't wanna go home

I'm like a washed up rag
Tattered and torn
I wish I'd never been born

And I'm so afraid of being on my own
But I don't wanna go home
I'm like a down and out just blowin' my horn
Oh, I don't wanna go home

I'm like a washed up rag
Tattered and torn
Oh, I don't wanna go home

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