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Boy and the Ghost

Tarja Turunen

The streets are empty
Inside it's warm
His hands are shaking
They locked the door
A voice is calling
Asking to get in

All he wanted was a toy
All he needed was a gently heart
To lead him through the dark
When his dreams are running wild
Boy and the ghost
Fire's not burning
The lights went out
The lights went out

Big family dinner
The untold pain
Their eyes are sparkling
On his frozen face
Angel's calling
Asking to get in

All he wanted was a toy
All he needed was a gently heart
To lead him through the dark
When there's nowhere left to fall
Boy and the ghost
His eyes are burning
The lights went out
The dream is on

Wake up, wake up
There's an angel in the snow
Look up, look up
It's a frightened dead boy
With so much hate
Such bad dreams
He could have seen
The toy's the key
But no one saw
No one saw

All he wanted was a toy
All he needed was a bleeding heart
To lead him through the dark
Boy and the ghost

Despero, solitas, debilis, desolo
Despero, solitas, debilis, desolo

When there's nowhere left to fall
Nowhere to hide
The silence is hurting
Inside it's cold
Sleep or die
Nowhere to go
Nowhere to hide
His light went out

Composición: Alexander Jonsson / Anders Wollbeck / Anine Stang / Jessika Lundstrom / Mattias Lindblom · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Wilma
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