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Shame On A Nigga

System Of a Down

Fuck your ass up (4x)
Shame on a nigga who tried to run game on a nigga
who buck wild with tha trigga
Aw, fuck your ass up

On 1, on 2, on 3 HUT
Thats what we need, live and unCUT
Stars unbreakable, soundproof to you, you wanna get
Gun, shoot, BLAM
How you like me now?
Dont fuck this stuff, Klu Klux wow!
Do you wanna be get to be knocked the FUCK out
Wanna get ?????? and shout, come on...
Lazers and blazers, ??????
Damage my clan and be stand to be flavored
Hummin, comin at ya
First im gonna getcha, once i gotcha, ima getcha
You can never catch a nigga mans stats
A rhyme and ?????
A niggas resigned in the masses, a master, NEVER
I put the fuckin walkin

Shame on a nigga who tried to run game on a nigga (4x)
Who buck wild with the trigga
Aw, fuck your ass up!

(Wu-Tang Clan)
I brought like 20 white boys in the back of a pickup truck
With hockey pucks and skateboards on the way to Woodstock
Leave on the clock, i have a gun the size of a black hole
Shoot planets, dont get credit, throw your hands in the air
Dont panic
Supreme arm, leg, leg, arm, head
Wu-Tang Clan is tight as strong dreads


(Serj)quietly, getting louder)
comin back local, suffer my vocals
coulda picked it up with a pair of bifocals
Im no joke, play me as a joke
Burn me like a house on fires a smoke
Push me back like actin-anyway
Oh boy, 4 years come out and play-ay
Burn me i get into shit i light it up diarrea
Got burned once, but that was only ghonnorea
Dirty i keep shit stink in by drawers so i gan get fuzzy funky
for ya
Murder-taste the flame of the Wu-Tang bang, here comes the
Tiberis crane
Ow, be like wow with my scowl, trump, play me trump to get
Who is coming true
At a theater near you
and lets get
(COME ON!!!)


I'll fuck ur ass up...(4x)


Composición: Wu Tang Clan · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Natalia
210 reproducciones
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