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Spit It Out


Since you never gave a damn in the first place
Maybe it's time you had the tables turned
'Cause in the interest of all involved I got the problem solved
And the verdict is guilty...

Steppin' where you fear to tread
Stop, drop and roll - you were DEAD FROM THE GIT-GO!
And if you're scared of me now, Then you're dumber than I thought
Always is, and never was
Foundation made of piss and vinegar
Step to me, I'll smear ya -Think I fear ya? BULLSHIT!
Just another dumb punk chompin' at this tit
Is there any way to break through the noise?
Was it something that I said that got you bent?
Gotta be that way if you want it
Sanity, literal profanity HIT ME!

All you wanna do is drag me down
All I wanna do is stamp you out (x2)

Maybe it's the way you gotta spread a lotta rumour fodder
Keepin' all your little spies and leavin' when you realize
Step up, fairy
I guess it's time to bury your ass with the chrome
Straight to the dome
You heard me right, bitch, I didn't stutter
And if you know what's good, just, shut up and beg, brother
Backstab - Don't you know who you're dissin'?
Side swipe - we know THE ASS THAT YOU'RE KISSIN'!

Don't hear shit cuz I keep gettin' louder
Come on, and you get a face full o' tactic
Lipping off hard, goin' home in a basket
You got no pull, no power, no NOTHIN'
Now you start shit? Well, ain't that somethin'?
Payoffs don't protect and you can hide if you want
But I'LL FIND YOU - Comin' up behind you!

All you wanna do is drag me down
All I wanna do is stamp you out (x2)

'Bout time I set this record straight
All the needlenose punchin' is makin' me irate
Sick o' my bitchin' fallin' on deaf ears
Where you gonna be in the next five years?
The crew and all the fools, and all the politics
Get your lips ready, gonna gag, gonna make you sick
You got dick when they passed out that good stuff
Bam - are you sick of me?

FUCK ME! I'm all out of enemies! (x7)
FUCK ME! I'm all out of enemies!

All you wanna do is drag me down
All I wanna do is stamp you out (x2)

Spit! (x4)
Spit... it out!

Composición: Slipknot · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
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