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if I could have the words to change
to speak into the world would they fly
I wonder if they'd put them in a jeweled box for sale

but I need to strengthen the things that remain
it's sad but true
beauty never sells
in everything the same, it's true
it's sad but true

I want give in to what they want
or has the window closed any way
between the world they want to hear
and what they love me to say

but I need to strengthen the things that remain
it's sad but true
beauty never sells
money makes the rules, it's true
it's sad but true

one of these days something will break through
I want to
but I wait a whole world,
but I wait a whole world

it's sad but true
it's sad but true

Composición: Matt Slocum · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Mariana
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