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And You


You almost always spend the best time to figure money and ease and let yourself cry (x4)

When the earth was still so plane
Koko ni tadoritsuku ao to midori doko ni ikoukana

Makkura yami no naka hi wo tomoshi nemuru paradise incompleteness
Mezame no koro ni wa kotori to utau asa no party of the sun
There's a place to be village surrounded by the wheat and within it waitin' new story
There's a place to see mountain stretched up to the sky on top of it god will always be
You almost always spend the best time to figure money and ease and let yourself cry (x2)

Soon we start to built the things
Sekai wo shihai shita kin to gin no coin daremo ga muchuu
There's a place to be city surrounded by the gold and within it waitin' new profit
There's a place to see building stretched up to the sky on top of it greed will always be
You almost always spend the best time to figure money and ease and let yourself cry (x2)

You almost always...
Figure money and ease...

So we can rock it day and night
You'll people play and know it
You can drive in your four by four
And you follow on so
Bring up yeah you day and night
Non stop you'll getting down
But still want more
Can nobody take it back so

You almost always...

You almost always spend the best time to figure money and ease and let yourself cry (x4)

Almost always...
And let yourself cry...
Spend the best time to figure money and ease and let yourself cry

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