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Bad Penny

Rory Gallagher

Well, like a bad penny you have turned up again
You're in my sights, there's a mist on my lens
I think you know how it was when I tripped and fell
Well, you double-dealed me, baby and I broke like a shell

Like a bad penny you've sure lost the glow
But I'm out of reach, your smile's sure gone cold
Well, it can't ever be like it was then
Well, don't you fool with me, baby
Don't you mess with my plans

Some stormy nights, your memory haunts me, you won't go away
Well, like a bad penny you have turned up in the change
Try to fit into the picture, you can't get inside the frame
I think you know I'm still sore, but I'm on the mend
Times sure have changed, it won't happen again

Well, like a bad penny spins around and around
Well, you won't know what's gone wrong when it all falls down
You got to learn from now on to stop playing games
You ought to keep on moving, you got to spin on your way

Some lonely nights, I hear you calling
Won't you go away?

Well, like a bad penny you have turned up again
You're in my sights, there's a mist on my lens
I think you know how it was when I tripped and fell
Well, you double-dealed me, baby, I cracked like a shell

Composición: Rory Gallagher · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Eliane
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