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Life Won't Wait

Ozzy Osbourne

I watch it all change
Take the news of the day
And throw it away

Time will kill all the pain
Fate will cure the decay
Of all this blind ambition
The greed bring us together

Stay strong
Stay true
Be brave
It all comes down to you

Try just to let it go
Know that justice moves slow
But it comes in the end
Rise, the guilty will fall
Stay, they can't take it all

The want the unimportant
It's love they leave behind

Stand up
Aim true
Keep heart
The future looks to you

Every second you throw away
Every minute of every day
Don't get caught in a memory
Life won't wait for you
No, life won't wait for you, my friend

I'm watching the change
Who will carry the flame?
It all feels very strange

Dreams that men can be good
Faith to live as we should
And know we're all connected
We give ourselves the power

Stay strong
Stay true
Be brave
It all comes down to you

Every day that you wait
You're falling faster
No slight of hand, no twist of fate
No ever after

When it's done, it's done
A fight 'til the bitter end
Life won't wait for you, no
Life won't wait for you, my friend

Life won't wait for you, my friend
Life won't wait for you, my friend

Life won't wait for you, my friend
Life won't wait for you, my friend

Composición: Kevin Churko / Ozzy Osbourne · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Nayara
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