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Book Of Revelation

Mr T Experience

My foundation ever unshaken nothing but life and devastation being so
together it seemed whatever 'till I read your Book of Revelation probably
I'd be much better off not knowing but you were so sloppy now your slip is
showing dangerous and jaded self-perpetuated cute but over-rated you'd
do everything just to look distracted never unattractive but overacted it
didn't fall apart till I put it together then just a paragraph changed my life
forever when you know the ending open wide and read it how you made
your bed and now you have to eat it now I get to keep it all I ever needed so
why do I still feel cheated? I can't believe my eyes what I saw last night
what I know today book of revelation. So now you finally go to say that you
really felt that way and it hit me pretty hard. And though we've carried it so
far I know that's the way things are today that's the way they are I can't
make up my mind what I must decide what I have to say book of revelation.

Composición: Dr. Frank · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Camila
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