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The Rain

Missy Elliott

Me I'm supa fly supa dupa fly
I can't stand the rain
Me I'm supa fly sups dupa fly
When the rain hits my window
I take a puff, puff me some indo
Me and Timbaland-ohh
We tango-dango
We so tight that you get our styles tangled
Sway-lo dosi-do like you loco
Can we get kinky tonight?
Like CoCo , so so
You don't wanna play with my Yo-Yo
I smoke my hydro on the D-L


I can't stand tha' rain
Against my window

Beep Beep
Who got the keys to tha' jeep?
I'm drivin to tha beach
Top down
Loud sounds see my peeps
Give them pound
Now look who it be
It be me me me and Timothy
Look lik eit baout to rain whatta shame
I got tha armor all shine to tha stain
Oh Missy
Try and maintin
Freaky Freaky Freaky


I feel tha wind
Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Begin, I sit on Hills like Lauryn
Until tha rain starts
Comin down
I got my umbrella
My finger waves these dats
They fall like Humpty
I break up with hime before he dump me
To hav eme oh yes you lucky

Chorus 1.5x

Composición: Missy Elliott · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
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