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I Don't Close My Eyes

Miley Cyrus

Good morning midnight
Hello again.
If I don't close my eyes
This never end.
Tick tick tack tack
Who's keeping time?
There were way they stop watch
Loosing my mind?
I'm so fixed on, this hide
But I found,
Once you touch the sky
There is no coming down...

Seconds turn to minutes,
And the minutes turn to hours,
And the hours turn to days,
And the world goes round
{and round}

The restlessness
You're in my head
I cannot get you out
Heart on my lips
It sours your kiss
I just can't live without
-The restlessness-

Good morning sunshine
Who start the match?
And until the twilight
Brigthen the black
Why'd I wake
But, sometimes it seems
Like I'm running back
Where it's lost in a dream.

I'm so fixed on, this hide
But I found
Once you touch the sky
There is no coming down

Seconds turn to minutes,
And the minutes turn to hours,
And the hours turn to days,
And the world goes round
{and round}

Refren x2:
The restlessness
You're in my head
I cannot get you out
Heart on my lips
It sours your kiss
I just can't live wïthout
-The restlessness-

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