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Freedom (Theme from Panther)

Mary J. Blige

We will not bow down to racism
We will not bow down to injustice
We will not bow down to exploitation
I'm gonna stand
I'm gonna stand

Now this is time for free your mind and your soul
Yo', half the story has never been told
Ladies, you got to demand what you want
And what we want is respect, right
(Come and take a walk with me)
(Closer walk with thee, see what only I can see)
Sisters, check this
Watch this

[Freedom] Turn us loose, set us free from all the chains that bind me
[Freedom] Let us run in our own direction
[Freedom] Let us go, set us free from all this propaganda and lies
That your people try to teach us

I know why you would like to bring us down
Because we have all the dirt on you
You try to tell us that our lives don't mean a damn
But we know so much better so we're gonna take our freedom

[Freedom] Freedom for my body (Freedom, freedom)
Freedom for my mind [Freedom] {Oh, no, oh, no, no}
[Freedom] Freedom for my body
[Freedom] Freedom for my mind [Freedom] (Freedom for my spirit, yeah)

All this time you've been tellin' us these lies
But now we've finally figured out your game
You thought that we would never wise up
But we showed you how a black female can do her thing

But still you continue to keep us oppressed
But now we ain't goin' out like that, oh, no, no
All these lies and all this propaganda you want us to take

We're gonna take our (You gotta sing)

[Freedom] Freedom for my body
Freedom for my mind [Freedom] (Freedom for my spirit, yeah)
[Freedom] Freedom for my body
Freedom for my mind [Freedom]
{Freedom for my heart and my mind and my freedom for my soul}

I see the fear in your eyes, surprised your cover's been blown
I know just who I am and what I wanna do
I can make you run, make you hide from all your ancestors'
Transgression that you hold inside

Sister rising up and seeing that our time is here
We're taking back what's been ours for years
Let the heaven of a sister embrace you and praise 'em of the gods
All these lies and all this propaganda that you want us to take
We're gonna take our

[Freedom] Free-free-free-freedom (Freedom), freedom
[Freedom] Free-free-free-freedom (Freedom from my body, freedom from my mind), freedom
Ooh...ooh...bop (Freedom for my spirit)
Free-free-free-freedom, freedom
Free-free-free-freedom, freedom
Ooh...ooh... [Freedom]
Freedom from my body
Freedom from my mind

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