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Still My Nigga


Killer Mike]
You used to be my n-gga though, my n-gga though
who'd ever thought you'd ever envy me
and talk down on me to Jigga hoe
say we was tight like Wayne (?)
and it was money over b-tches
even when we made it rain (?)
Lucci over poochi no romance
and I have never loved a hoe so no hoe-mance
just my bro man,
we got to the cash money but like Nino and g-money
the money make sh-t go funny
the b-tches made it wicked
the dopeless made it hopeless
the coppers and the robbers with choppers make me they focus
my n-ggas snitching and I'm like Lord have mercy
my homie sold me out, my partner just hurt me
and all for a b-tch I hope the n-gga catch herpes
nah I'm fronting but at least the claps is hunting
cos any other n-gga I would have been clapping something
instead of in the studio smoking and rapping something

and it's cold outside
you can count on your grown man

you my n-gga though
you still my n-gga though
I don't f-ck with you but
you my n-gga though
and when it's time to ride, yeah
you can depend on me
[Killer Mike]
you my n-gga though
you still my n-gga though
I don't f-ck with you but yeah
you my n-gga though

we was once 2 n-ggas of the same kind
some pimps in our own, f-cking mind
on point at game time
you would play your position
then you came around and double crossed me like a ribbon
oh no, abort mission some money's missing
went broke, I guess you got to get paid like tuition
if not the President you got to be a politician
but others like myself are trying to carry on tradition
put women in submission, I used to need permission
ta-daaa, now we running through tricks like a magician
we smoking all the mirrors I knew something was wrong
so I made up a new trick it's called poof I'm gone
now I see you on occasion and we holler at times
cos things aint all peachy like the Georgia lottery sign
and if you told me cocaine numbers I would think you was lying
but you got to get your's and fool I got to get mine

and it's cold outside
you can count on your grown man
you my n-gga though
you still my n-gga though
I don't f-ck with you but
ah ah but you my n-gga though
and when it's time to ride, yeah
you can depend on me
I'm still your n-gga though
I'm still your n-gga though
I don't f-ck with you uhh uhh
but you my n-gga though

[Game - Verse 3]
Hey, I had this other n-gga who was my brother
Jigga fan undercover, the blueprints of my life with different mothers
we was the closest, out of my sisters and brothers
two G's closer than the Gucci belt but life's a motha
f-cker when you dealing with paper man
one of our ego's got bigger than skyscrapers man
after I put the documentary on them Daytons man
around the Doctor everyday so I had patience man
he didn't, around the dope spot he was pacing man
for digits, am I my brother's keepers for real or not decisions
he was in love with strippers sort of like a bee for honey
and that was our separation like BG and Cash Money
why does it got to be like that
I was stacking paper on tour I was gon be right back
(God damn)
why you couldn't you let your ego die
if you see me rocking a hoody n-gga you know why,

when it's cold outside
you can count on your grown man
you still my n-gga though
you my n-gga though
I don't f-ck with you
ah ah but you my n-gga though
and when it's time to ride, yeah
you can depend on me
You still my n-gga though
always be my n-gga though
I don't f-ck with you uhh uhh
but you my bigger bro
when it's cold outside
you can count on your grown man

Composición: Ludacris · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Valkirya
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