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Favorite Flavor [feat. Mary J. Blige]

Ll Cool J

Favorite Flavor
(feat. Mary J. Blige)

[LL Cool J]
Uh-huh, eh-heh
Lay back on this one (yeah, you know how I do baby)

You only a customer
When you walkin in the presence of hust-lers
Uhh, I'm laid back in the cinnamon Range
Two decades and ain't a damn thing changed
Keep my girl, in strawberry swirls
You can taste it, my instict's basic
Lord have mercy, sweet like Hershey
Kisses, diamonds for the misses, ices on the wrist-es
All different colors of the spectrum
The smallest flaw and I reject 'em
Believe me I'm a conniseur when I inspect 'em
I baguettes them, invisibly sets them
They call me big L-ly Wonka from Compton to Yonkers
Them Chi-Town steppers and them A-Town stompers
These young rookies, fail to understand
Every summer I return like the ice cream man
Drop what you doin, get-it get-it while you can
By the eighth, by the ounce, when it's gone I'ma bounce
It's the F-L-A-V, no if's or maybe's
You know what I do, drive your tastebuds crazy

[Chorus: Mary J. Blige + (LL)]
Like lemondrops with chocolate kisses
Every bite is more delicious
My favorite flavor
(Mix me and you and we can't go wrong)
Like caramel on vanilla sundae
Have a scoop you'll want some day
Cause you're my favorite flavor
(C'mon, baby baby c'mon) c'mon

[LL Cool J]
My flavor's unreal
Smooth but hard like woodgrain on the wheel
Recline your seat baby, enjoy how it feel

Why you crossin your legs, them high heels of eel?
Kick off your shoes, run your toes on the dash
Now peel off your stockings, c'mon let's get it poppin
I'm in the mood for cotton, candy and I'm plottin
to see you in somethin silky and see-through
Me too! Man you know how we do
Camcorder main feature, damn a preview
I love how the bottom on your body's EQ
Low but thick though like the base in a six-fo'
So here we go (here we go) we bunny hoppin
I hit the switches baby, you keep it droppin
It feels marvelous, you in charge of this
I hope you ain't heartless but my guard's now regardless


[Mary J. Blige + (LL)]
(Uhh) All I wanna do
Is eat you up cause you look so good
(Think I look alright huh?)
(I look better on you, what'chu really wanna do?)
All I wanna do
Is show you boy that I taste good too
(I know you taste good ma)
(What'chu sayin, want a sprinkle of the hood ha? Ha?)

[LL Cool J]
We had it out
Now tell your girls the truth when they ask what I'm about
The cookies and the cream and the peaches 'n praline
Butter pecan themes in your daydreams
All real sugar, no sacca-rhine
Low calorie leave no cavities
Guaranteed no place you'd rather be
Than here with me, mix chocolate in the factory


[Mary] Ba-bee

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