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Carry Me Home

The Living End

He's gonna get you in the end
Then he'll be your only friend
There's nothing that'll save your soul
All you need is alcohol

Step right up and be a man
On your knees and pray
Freedoms just another open bottle anyway

So one more round is all I need
Fill it up and let me be
It's getting late I should've known
Won't somebody carry me home?

Pick me up from my knees
Carry me home

We think you should know
It's time to go
No more to show
Yes it's time to go

6am it's closing time the barman turns the lights out
I want another round so bring it on it's my shout

Don't leave me sitting here
Don't take me for a ride
Freedoms just another drink
Don't leave me hangin' dry

Step right up and be a man
On your knees and pray
Freedoms just another open bottle anyway


We think you should know
It's time to go
No more to show
Yes it's time to go

Composición: Chris Cheney · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
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