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You're Gonna Love Me

Lana Del Rey

Jerry is in the town,
I think I have,
A good idea.
That I should do the opposite,
Of whatever it is I feel.

It's because I have a bad mind,
And I have gold in my veins,
But he says I got the purest heart,
That he's ever seen.

What God give me a brain for?
If he won't let me use it.
What God give me a plan for?
If he won't help me do it.

You're gonna love me,
I'm gonna make you,
You're gonna love me,
I'm gonna make you.

Well I can tell that you're the type,
To never trust a Beauty Queen,
But I was never voted for nothing in High School,
Never meaned anything to anybody,
Never ever gave myself away,
But even when I'm funny,
You think I'm actin' so I say.

What God give me a brain for?
If he won't let me use it.
What God give me a plan for?
He never helps me do it.

You're gonna love me,
I'm gonna have to make you,
You're gonna love me,
I'm gonna make you.

You say that you don't want to be hypnotized,
But baby I, I don't wanna hypnotize you.
There's nothing from you that I wanna take,
I just wanna be like you,
Maybe love you just a little bit.
Please, Oh oh oh.

Jim I'mma dedicate this whole album to you,
You told me to get my way, that's exactly what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna strike out,
Right now,
I'm strikin' out right now,
With this song,
But I can't help myself,
I can't do right for long.

You know that,
What God give me a brain for?
He knows that I can't use it.

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