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  1. Blank Space (Spanish Version)
  2. One Last Time
  3. All Of Me (Spanish Version)
  4. Love Me Like You do (Spanish Version)
  5. The Heart Wants What It Wants (Spanish Version)
  6. Love Me Harder (Spanish Version)
  7. Elastic Heart (Spanish Version)
  8. Thinking Out Loud (Spanish Version)
  9. Shake It Off (Spanish Version)
  10. I Want You To Know
  11. Steal My Girl (Spanish Version)
  12. Amnesia (Spanish Version)
  13. Chandelier
  14. Style
  15. All Of The Stars (Spanish Version)
  16. She Looks So Perfect (Spanish Version)
  17. Eyes, Nose, Lips (Spanish Version)
  18. Problem (Spanish Version)
  19. Really Don't Care (Spanish Version)
  20. Sledgehammer (Spanish Version)
  21. Momentos
  22. No Saben Nada de Nosotros
  23. As Long As You Love Me (Spanish Version)
  24. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Spanish Version)
  25. Mirrors (Spanish Version)
  26. Story Of My Life (Spanish Version)
  27. Unconditionally (Spanish Version)
  28. Mistake (Spanish Version)
  29. Fall (Spanish Version)
  30. Diamonds (Spanish Version)
  31. Give Your Heart a Break (Spanish Version)
  32. This Is How You Do (Spanish Version)
  33. Strong (Spanish Version)
  34. Slow Down (Spanish Version)
  35. Confía En Tu Corazón
  36. Live While We're Young (Spanish Version)
  37. DNA (Spanish Version)
  38. My Dillema (Spanish Version)
  39. Someone Like You
  40. 7 Things
  41. Saranghae
  42. Best Song Ever (Spanish Version)
  43. Made In The USA (Spanish Version)
  44. Neon Lights (Spanish Version)
  45. You're Not Alone (Spanish Version)
  46. Nothing Like Us (Spanish Version)
  47. Love Me
  48. Por Tu Amor
  1. We Can't Stop (Spanish Version)
  2. Miracles In December
  3. Love Will Remember (Spanish Version)
  4. Yo Soy Así
  5. When I Look At You
  6. Adore You
  7. Music Sounds Better With U (Spanish Version)
  8. Come Back Home (Spanish Version)
  9. Applause (Spanish Version)
  10. Perfume (Spanish Version)
  11. Bailando Hasta El Mañana
  12. Confessions Of A Broken Heart (I Need a Father)
  13. Remember December (Spanish Version)
  14. Wedding Bells (Spanish Version)
  15. Empire (Spanish Version)
  16. Love Me
  17. Lovesick
  18. Telephone
  19. Come & Get It (Spanish Version)
  20. Me Haces Tanta Falta
  21. Falling Over Me (Spanish Version)
  22. Wide Awake (Spanish Version)
  23. We Found Love (Spanish Version)
  24. Midlle Of Nowhere (Spanish Version)
  25. I Promise You
  26. Just a Dream
  27. We R Who We R
  28. Siento Que Es Amor
  29. Mi Corazón No Repararás
  30. Adolescente
  31. Waking Up In Vegas
  32. Edge Of Glory
  33. Forgiviness And Love
  34. Stronger Forever
  35. Perder Mi Amor
  36. Dreamers
  37. La Musica Sentir
  38. No Lo Suportare
  39. Sí No Estás Aquí (part. Pablo Veliz)
  40. Before The Storm (Spanish Version)
  41. Safe And Sound
  42. Hummingbird Heartbeat
  43. Only Boy (In The World)
  44. No, No, No (feat. Ilic)
  45. Fuiste Tú
  46. Catch Me
  47. Caes Sobre Mí
  48. Off The Chain
  49. I Won't Apologize
  50. That One That Got Away
  51. State Of Emergency
  52. Cannibal
  53. Dance Until Tomorrow (Spanish Version)
  54. This Is The Night
  55. Till The World Ends
  56. Marisol
  57. Running
  58. Alice (Spanish Version)
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