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Katy Perry

You're such a poet
I wish I could be wesley willis
My words would flow like honey
Sweet and laid on thick

You're so edgy
You don't even need a rhyming dictionary
I wipe my hands on your jeans
'Cause they are more distressed
So they say you've got OCD
And they claim you can barely read
But you say, "Don't bother me
With all of your realities"

But it could be so simple
(You over think it)
Life should be that simple
(Who would have thought it?)
I wish it were just so simple
(Don't over think it)
But the point's been missed
You've made a mess
Who would have guessed
That it's as simple as it seems?

Uh, oh
Uh, oh
Oops, oops

So what? You're a genius
But you've got a lot to learn
Like the time you lost your apartment
'Cause you bought too much vuitton

You park in a loading zone (park!)
You sleep with the lights all on (sleep!)
You cross your "I"s and you dot your "t"s - it
All it goes to show

That it could be so simple
(You over think it)
Life should be that simple
(Who would have thought it?)
I wish it were just that simple
(Don't over think it)
The point's been missed
We've made a mess
Who would have guessed
That it's as simple as it seems

I'm not saying that it's a piece of cake
Just take a moment to reevaluate
The possibilities, the situations
The opportunities that are waiting
Oh, the possibilities, I...

It could, it could be that simple
(You over think it)
Life should be that simple
(Who would have thought it?)
I wish it were just so simple
(Don't over think it)
You're in a haze
It's just a fase
You know this maze
Is as simple as it seems

We could talk all day
About your eccentricities
And what I mean to say
Is that I need you listen, please
And focus on
On life's simplicities
So don't be afraid
To strip it away
'Cause at the end of the day
It's still as simple as it seems

It is all so simple
Just deal with it

Composición: Glen Ballard / Katy Perry · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Giulia
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