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Joseph Arthur

I never sleep
I been awake for what feels like a year
'Cause when I dream
My mind puts a face
To each one of my fears
I'm exhausted by my imagination
I close my eyes
But I could still see the pain on your face
It's your disguise
You put your heart and soul on a plate
I'm exhausted by my imagination
The walls are bleeding cause i'm hallucinating
Beneath the wheel i cannot slow its rotation down

I got to get away from here
But there's nowhere i can go
Everyone i recognize looks at me like i am lost
Walking down these dire streets
I thought i heard you call my name
But it's only in my head
Or maybe it was just your ghost

Up in the sky
The clouds are dirty so soon it will rain
I lost my mind
After you told me that you went insane

I'm a victim of my imagination
These walls are talking but I'm hallucinating
Beneath the wheel that will not slow its rotation down
Down in my head (?)

I got to get away from here
But there's nowhere i can go
Everyone i recognize
Looks at me like i'm a ghost
Walking down these dying streets
I thought i heard you call my name
But it was only in my mind
You were never there at all

Composición: Joseph Arthur · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Rafaella
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