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You Belong To Me

Jennifer Lopez

Why'd you tell me this?
Were you lookin for my reaction?
What do you need to know
Don't you know I'll always be your girl?
You don't have to prove to me
You're beautiful to strangers
I've got lovin' eyes, of my own

You belong to me
Tell her., tell her you were foolin'
You belong to me
You don't even know her
You belong to me
Tell her that I love you
You belong to me...

You belong to me
Can it be, honey, that you're not sure
You belong to me
Thought we'd closed the book and locked the door
You don't have to prove to me
That you're beautiful to strangers
I've got loving eyes of my own
Of my own...
And I can tell
I can tell, darling...

Tell her, tell her that I love you
You belong to me
You belong... You belong... You belong to me
You belong to me
Tell her you were foolin'
You belong to me
Tell her she don't even know you

Tell her, tell her you were foolin'
You belong to me
I know you from a long time ago baby
You belong to me
Don't make me go to her house
You belong to me
You belong... You belong... You belong to me

You belong to me...
You belong to me...
You belong to me...
You belong to me...

Composición: Carly Simon / Michael McDonald · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
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