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The Circus Is Coming To Town

Irving Berlin

[1st verse:]
Honey, did you see that bill
Pasted there on yonder hill?
Kindly pay attention
To what the letters mention
'Twill give you a wonderful thrill
Chase away those weary blues
Ain't you heard the happy news?

'Circus is coming to town
'Circus is coming to town
Two dozen acrobats from o'er the foam
And Salome
Come see the comical clown
Turning himself upside-down
Come and purchase a photograph
Of the freaks and the big giraffe
Open your dining room and start to laugh
The circus is coming to town

[2nd verse:]
Come and see the big parade
Jazzy music will be played
Just before we're seated
I'll see that you are treated
To peanuts and red lemonade
Barnum had the right idea
Come and give him one big cheer

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  1. The Song Of The Metronome
  2. Don't Wait Too Long
  3. The Whistling Rag
  4. You Keep Coming Back Like A Song
  5. Alexander's Ragtime Band
  6. All By Myself
  7. Cheek To Cheek
  8. I Love A Piano
  9. I Used To Be Color Blind
  10. Let Yourself Go
  11. Now It Can Be Told
  12. Russian Lullaby
  13. Slumming On Park Avenue
  14. Steppin' Out With My Baby
  15. They Say It's Wonderful
  16. Top Hat, White Tie, and Tails
  17. What'll I Do
  18. You're Laughing At Me
  19. You Can Have Him
  20. A Fella With An Umbrella
  21. All Alone
  22. Always
  23. Be Careful, It's My Heart
  24. Blue Skies
  25. Change Partners
  26. Easter Parade
  27. Get Thee Behind Me Satan
  28. God Bless America
  29. Heat Wave
  30. How About Me?
  31. How Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky)
  32. How's Chances?
  33. I Never Had A Chance
  34. I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket
  35. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
  36. Isn't This A Lovely Day (To Be Caught In The Rain)
  37. It Only Happens When I Dance With You
  38. It's A Lovely Day Today
  39. It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow
  40. Just One Way To Say I Love You
  41. Lazy
  42. Let's Face The Music And Dance
  43. Let's Take An Old Fashioned Walk
  44. Marie
  45. Maybe It's Because
  46. No Strings (I'm Fancy Free)
  47. Play A Simple Melody
  48. Puttin' On The Ritz
  49. Reaching For The Moon
  50. Remember
  51. Say It Isn't So
  52. Sisters, Sisters
  53. Suppertime
  54. The Girl That I Marry
  55. The Song Is Ended (but the Melody Lingers On)
  56. There's No Business Like Show Business
  57. This Year's Kisses
  58. When I Lost You
  59. White Christmas
  60. You Can't Get a Man With a Gun
  61. You're Easy To Dance With
  62. You're Lonely and I'm Lonely
  63. (I Wonder Why) You're Just in Love
  64. "Thank You, Kind Sir!" Said She
  65. (I'll See You In) C-U-B-A
  66. (I've Got) Plenty To Be Thankful For
  67. (You Forgot To) Remember
  68. A Beautiful Day In Brooklyn
  69. A Couple Of Song And Dance Men
  70. A Couple Of Swells
  71. A Little Bungalow
  72. A Little Fish In A Big Pond
  73. A Man Chases A Girl (Until She Catches Him)
  74. A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody
  75. A Sailor's Not A Sailor ('Til A Sailor's Been Tattooed)
  76. A Serenade To An Old-Fashioned Girl
  77. A Syncopated Cocktail
  78. Abraham
  79. After The Honeymoon
  80. After You Get What You Want, You Don't Want It
  81. Alexander And His Clarinet
  82. Alice In Wonderland
  83. Along Came Ruth
  84. Always Treat Her Like A Baby
  85. American Eagles
  86. An Old-Fashioned Tune Always Is New
  87. An Old-Fashioned Wedding
  88. An Orange Grove In California
  89. And Father Wanted Me To Learn A Trade
  90. Angels Of Mercy
  91. Any Bonds Today?
  92. Anything You Can Do
  93. Apologia (Opening Letter, Opening Chorus)
  94. Araby
  95. At Peace With The World
  96. At The Court Around The Corner
  97. Back To Back
  98. Beautiful Faces
  99. Because I Love You
  100. Before I Go And Marry, I Will Have A Talk With You
  101. Behind The Fan
  102. Bells
  103. Better Luck Next Time
  104. Bevo
  105. Blow Your Horn
  106. Bring Back My Lena To Me
  107. Bring Back My Lovin' Man
  108. Bring Me A Ring In The Spring And I'll Know That You Love Me
  109. Bring On The Pepper
  110. Business Is Business
  111. But I Ain't Got A Man
  112. But Where Are You?
  113. But! She's Just A Little Bit Crazy
  114. Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon
  115. Can You Use Any Money Today?
  116. Ceremonial Chant
  117. Chinese Firecrackers
  118. Choreography
  119. Christmastime Seems Years And Years Away
  120. Climbing Up The Scales
  121. Cohen Owes Me Ninety-Seven Dollars
  122. Colonel Buffalo Bill
  123. Colored Romeo
  124. Come Along Sextette
  125. Come Along To Toy Town
  126. Come To Holiday Inn
  127. Come To The Land Of The Argentine
  128. Coquette
  129. Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep
  130. Crinoline Days
  131. Cuddle Up
  132. Dance And Grow Thin
  133. Dance With Me (Tonight At The Mardi Gras)
  134. Dat's-A My Gal
  135. Dear Mayme, I Love You
  136. Debts
  137. Diamond Horseshoe
  138. Ding Dong
  139. Do You Believe Your Eyes Or Do You Believe Your Baby?
  140. Do Your Duty Doctor! (Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Doctor)
  141. Dog Gone That Chilly Man
  142. Doin' What Comes Natur'lly
  143. Don't Be Afraid Of Romance
  144. Don't Put Out The Light
  145. Don't Send Me Back To Petrograd
  146. Don't Take Your Beau To The Seashore
  147. Dorando
  148. Down To The Folies Bergere
  149. Down Where The Jack O'Lanterns Grow
  150. Draggy Rag
  151. Dream On, Little Soldier Boy
  152. Dreams, Just Dreams
  153. Drowsy Head
  154. Drum Crazy
  155. Empty Pockets Filled With Love
  156. Ephraham Played Upon The Piano
  157. Everybody Knew But Me
  158. Everybody Step
  159. Everybody's Doin' It Now
  160. Everyone In The World Is Doing The Charleston
  161. Everything In America Is Ragtime
  162. Everything Is Rosy Now For Rosie
  163. Eyes Of Youth
  164. Falling Out Of Love Can Be Fun
  165. Finale Ultimo
  166. Finale Ultimo: Somebody Handed Us A Ticket To Picket
  167. Finale: Not For All The Rice In China
  168. Finale: What's This We Hear?
  169. Florida By The Sea
  170. Follies Minstrels
  171. Follow The Crowd
  172. Fools Fall In Love
  173. For The Very First Time
  174. For Your Country And My Country
  175. From Here To Shanghai
  176. Furnishing A Home For Two
  177. Gee, I Wish I Was Back In The Army
  178. Get Thee Behind Me, Satan
  179. Getting Nowhere (Running Around In Circles)
  180. Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor
  181. Glad To Be Home
  182. Go Home And Tell It To Your Wife
  183. God Gave You To Me
  184. Good Times With Hoover, Better Times With Al
  185. Goodbye France
  186. Goodbye, Girlie, And Remember Me
  187. Grizzly Bear
  188. Happy Easter
  1. Happy Holiday
  2. Harem Life (Outside Of That Every Little Thing's All Right)
  3. Harlem On My Mind
  4. He Ain't Got Rhythm
  5. He Promised Me
  6. He's A Devil In His Own Home Town
  7. He's A Rag Picker
  8. He's Getting Too Darn Big For A One-Horse Town
  9. Herman Let's Dance That Beautiful Waltz
  10. Hey, Wop
  11. Home Again Blues
  12. Homesick
  13. Homeward Bound
  14. Homework
  15. How About A Cheer For The Navy?
  16. How Can I Change My Luck?
  17. How Can I Forget (When There's So Much To Remember)
  18. How Deep Is The Ocean?
  19. How Do You Do It, Mabel, On Twenty Dollars A Week?
  20. How Many Times?
  21. I Beg Your Pardon, Dear Old Broadway
  22. I Can Always Find A Little Sunshine In The Y.M.C.A.
  23. I Can't Do Without You
  24. I Can't Remember
  25. I Can't Tell A Lie
  26. I Didn't Go Home At All
  27. I Don't Wanna Be Married, I Just Wanna Be Friends
  28. I Got Lost In His Arms
  29. I Got The Sun In The Morning
  30. I Hate You
  31. I Have Just One Heart For Just One Boy
  32. I Just Came Back To Say Good Bye
  33. I Keep Running Away From You
  34. I Left My Door Open And My Daddy Walked Out
  35. I Left My Heart At The Stage Door Canteen
  36. I Like Ike
  37. I Like It
  38. I Lost My Heart In Dixieland
  39. I Love To Have The Boys Around Me
  40. I Love To Quarrel With You
  41. I Love To Stay At Home
  42. I Love You More Each Day
  43. I Never Knew
  44. I Paid My Income Tax Today
  45. I Poured My Heart Into A Song
  46. I Say It's Spinach (And The Hell With It)
  47. I Threw A Kiss In The Ocean
  48. I Used To Be Color-Blind
  49. I Used To Play It By Ear
  50. I Want To Go Back To Michigan (Down On The Farm)
  51. I Wish That You Was My Gal, Molly
  52. I Wonder
  53. I Wouldn't Give "That" For The Man Who Couldn't Dance
  54. I'd Like My Picture Took
  55. I'd Love To Be Shot From A Cannon With You
  56. I'd Rather Lead A Band
  57. I'd Rather See A Minstrel Show
  58. I'll Capture Your Heart Singing
  59. I'll Share It All With You
  60. I'll Take You Back To Italy
  61. I'm A Bad, Bad Man
  62. I'm A Happy Married Man
  63. I'm An Indian Too
  64. I'm Beginning To Miss You
  65. I'm Down In Honolulu Looking Them Over
  66. I'm Getting Tired So I Can Sleep
  67. I'm Going Back To The Farm
  68. I'm Going On A Long Vacation
  69. I'm Gonna Get Him
  70. I'm Gonna Pin My Medal On The Girl I Left Behind
  71. I'm Looking For A Daddy Long Legs
  72. I'm Marching Along With Time
  73. I'm Not Prepared
  74. I'm On My Way Home
  75. I'm Playing With Fire
  76. I'm Sorry For Myself
  77. I'm The Guy Who Guards The Harem
  78. I've Got A Sweet Tooth Bothering Me
  79. I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now
  80. I've Got-A Go Back To Texas
  81. If I Had My Way, I'd Live Among The Gypsies
  82. If I Had You
  83. If I Thought You Wouldn't Tell
  84. If That's Your Idea Of A Wonderful Time (Take Me Home)
  85. If The Managers Only Thought The Same As Mother
  86. If You Believe
  87. If You Don't Want My Peaches (You'd Better Stop Shaking My Tree)
  88. If You Haven't Got An Ear For Music
  89. In Florida Among The Palms
  90. In Our Hide-Away
  91. In The Morning
  92. In The Shade Of A Sheltering Tree
  93. Innocent Bessie Brown
  94. Is He The Only Man In The World?
  95. Is There Anything Else I Can Do For You?
  96. Isn't This A Lovely Day (To Be Caught In The Rain)?
  97. It All Belongs To Me
  98. It Gets Lonely In The White House
  99. It Isn't What He Said, But The Way He Said It!
  100. It Takes An Irishman To Make Love
  101. It'll Come To You
  102. It's A Lovely Day For A Walk
  103. It's The Little Bit Of Irish
  104. It's Up To The Band
  105. Jimmy
  106. Just a Little Longer
  107. Just Like The Rose
  108. Kate (Have I Come Too Early, Too Late)
  109. Kiss Me My Honey, Kiss Me
  110. Kitchen Police (Poor Little Me)
  111. Ladies Of The Chorus
  112. Latins Know How
  113. Lead Me To Love
  114. Learn To Do The Strut
  115. Learn To Sing A Love Song
  116. Leg Of Nations
  117. Legend Of The Pearls
  118. Let Me Sing And I'm Happy
  119. Let's All Be Americans Now
  120. Let's Go Around The Town
  121. Let's Go West Again
  122. Let's Have Another Cup O' Coffee
  123. Let's Keep In Touch While Dancing
  124. Let's Say It With Firecrackers
  125. Let's Start The New Year Right
  126. Let's Take An Old-Fashioned Walk
  127. Lichtenburg
  128. Lindy
  129. Listening
  130. Little Butterfly
  131. Lock Me In Your Harem And Throw Away The Key
  132. Lonely Heart
  133. Long As I Can Take You Home
  134. Look Out For The Bolsheviki Man
  135. Looking At You (Across The Breakfast Table)
  136. Louisiana Purchase
  137. Love And The Weather
  138. Love Leads To Marriage
  139. Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me
  140. Lucky Boy
  141. Maid Of Mesh
  142. Man Bites Dog
  143. Mandy
  144. Manhattan Madness
  145. Marie From Sunny Italy
  146. Marrying For Love
  147. Maybe It's Because I Love You Too Much
  148. Me And My Melinda
  149. Me!
  150. Meet Me Tonight
  151. Metropolitan Opening
  152. Miss Liberty
  153. Molly O! Oh, Molly!
  154. Mont Martre
  155. Moonshine Lullaby
  156. Move Over
  157. Mr. Jazz Himself
  158. Mr. Monotony
  159. Mrs. Sally Adams
  160. My Bird Of Paradise
  161. My Defenses Are Down
  162. My Little Book Of Poetry
  163. My Melody Dream
  164. My New York
  165. My Sweetie
  166. My Tambourine Girl
  167. My Walking Stick
  168. My Wife's Gone To The Country (Hurrah! Hurrah!)
  169. Next To Your Mother, Who Do You Love?
  170. No One Could Do It Like My Father!
  171. Nobody Knows (And Nobody Seems To Care)
  172. Nothing More To Say
  173. Oh How That German Could Love
  174. Oh! How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning
  175. Oh! How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning (Revised)
  176. Oh! Where Is My Wife Tonight?
  177. Oh, That Beautiful Rag
  178. Oh, What I Know About You
  179. Once Upon A Time Today
  180. One O'Clock In The Morning I Get Lonesome
  181. Only For Americans
  182. Ooh! Maybe It's You
  183. Opening Chorus (Some Dough For The Army Relief)
  184. Our Wedding Day
  185. Outside Of Loving You, I Like You
  186. Outside Of That, I Love You
  187. Over The Sea, Boys
  188. Pack Up Your Sins (And Go To The Devil)
  1. Paris Wakes Up And Smiles
  2. Piano Man
  3. Pigtails And Freckles
  4. Please Let Me Come Back To You
  5. Polly, Pretty Polly (Polly With A Past)
  6. Poor Little Rich Girl's Dog
  7. Porcelain Maid
  8. Prohibition
  9. Queenie
  10. Ragtime Opera Medley
  11. Ragtime Violin!
  12. Revival Day
  13. Roses Of Yesterday
  14. Run Home And Tell Your Mother
  15. Sadie Salome (Go Home)
  16. Sailor Song
  17. Say It With Music
  18. Sayonara
  19. Send A Lot Of Jazz Bands Over There
  20. Settle Down In A One-Horse Town
  21. Sex Marches On
  22. Shaking The Blues Away
  23. Shaking The Blues Away (Revised)
  24. She Was A Dear Little Girl
  25. Show Us How To Do The Fox Trot
  26. Si's Been Drinking Cider
  27. Sisters (Brothers)
  28. Sittin' In The Sun
  29. Smile And Show Your Dimple
  30. Snow
  31. So Help Me
  32. Soft Lights And Sweet Music
  33. Sombrero Land
  34. Some Little Something About You
  35. Some Sunny Day
  36. Someone Else May Be There While I'm Gone
  37. Someone Just Like You
  38. Someone's Waiting For Me (We'll Wait, Wait, Wait)
  39. Something To Dance About
  40. Song Of Freedom
  41. Spanish Love
  42. Stay Down Here Where You Belong
  43. Stop That Rag (Keep On Playing, Honey)
  44. Stop! Look! Listen!
  45. Stop, Stop, Stop (Come Over And Love Me Some More)
  46. Supper Time
  47. Swanee Shuffle
  48. Sweet Italian Love
  49. Sweet Marie, Make-A Rag-A-Time Dance Wid Me
  50. Sweeter Than Sugar (Is My Sweetie)
  51. Take It In Your Stride
  52. Take Me With You, Soldier Boy
  53. Take Off A Little Bit
  54. Teach Me How To Love
  55. Tell Me, Little Gypsy
  56. Telling Lies
  57. That Dying Rag
  58. That Hula Hula
  59. That Kazzatsky Dance
  60. That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune
  61. That Monkey Tune
  62. That Mysterious Rag
  63. That Opera Rag
  64. That Revolutionary Rag
  65. That Russian Winter
  66. That's My Idea Of Paradise
  67. The Army's Made A Man Out Of Me
  68. The Best Of Friends Must Part
  69. The Best Thing For You Would Be Me
  70. The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing
  71. The Blue Devils Of France
  72. The Call Of The South
  73. The Circus Is Coming To Town
  74. The Devil Has Bought Up All The Coal
  75. The First Lady
  76. The Freedom Train
  77. The Friars Parade
  78. The Funnies
  79. The Girl On The Magazine Cover
  80. The Girl On The Police Gazette
  81. The Girls Of My Dreams
  82. The Haunted House
  83. The Hostess With The Mostes' On The Ball
  84. The Law Must Be Obeyed
  85. The Little Red Lacquer Cage
  86. The Little Things In Life
  87. The Lord Done Fixed Up My Soul
  88. The Minstrel Parade
  89. The Monkey Doodle Doo!
  90. The Most Expensive Statue In The World
  91. The Near Future
  92. The New Moon
  93. The Ocarina
  94. The Old Man
  95. The Only Dance I Know (Song For Belly Dancer)
  96. The Passion Flower
  97. The Piccolino
  98. The Policeman's Ball
  99. The Ragtime Razor Brigade
  100. The Road That Leads To Love
  101. The Secret Service
  102. The Song Is Ended
  103. The Sterling Silver Moon
  104. The Syncopated Walk
  105. The Voice Of Belgium
  106. The Waltz Of Long Ago
  107. The Washington Square Dance
  108. The Yam
  109. There Are Two Eyes In Dixie
  110. There's A Girl In Havana
  111. This Is The Life
  112. This Time / Dressed Up To Win
  113. The Hand That Rocked My Cradle Rules My Heart
  114. There's Something Nice About The South
  115. They Always Follow Me Around
  116. They Call It Dancing
  117. They Like Ike
  118. They Love Me
  119. They Were All Out Of Step But Jim
  120. They're On Their Way To Mexico
  121. This Is A Great Country
  122. This Is The Army, Mister Jones
  123. Through A Keyhole
  124. To My Mammy
  125. Top Hat, White Tie And Tails
  126. Try It On Your Piano
  127. Two Cheers Instead Of Three
  128. Until I Fell In Love With You
  129. Virginia Lou
  130. Wait Until You're Married
  131. Waiting At The End Of The Road
  132. Was There Ever A Pal Like You?
  133. Washington Twist
  134. Wasn't It Yesterday
  135. Watch Your Step
  136. We Made The Doughnuts Over There
  137. We Saw The Sea
  138. We'll Never Know
  139. We're On Our Way To France
  140. What Can You Do With A General?
  141. What Chance Have I With Love?
  142. What Does He Look Like?
  143. What Does It Matter?
  144. What Is Love?
  145. What The Well-Dressed Man In Harlem Will Wear
  146. When I Discovered You
  147. When I Get Back To The U.S.A.
  148. When I Leave The World Behind
  149. When I'm Alone I'm Lonesome
  150. When I'm Out With You
  151. When It Rains, Sweetheart, When It Rains
  152. When It's Night Time In Dixie Land
  153. When My Dreams Come True
  154. When The Black Sheep Returns To The Fold
  155. When The Curtain Falls
  156. When The Folks High-Up Do That Mean Low Down
  157. When Winter Comes
  158. When You Kiss An Italian Girl
  159. When You Play That Piano, Bill!
  160. While The Band Played An American Rag
  161. Whisper It
  162. When You Walked Out Someone Else Walked Right In
  163. When You're Down In Louisville (Call On Me)
  164. When You're In Town
  165. Where Is The Song Of Songs For Me?
  166. Who Do You Love I Hope?
  167. Whose Little Heart Are You Breaking Now?
  168. Wild About You
  169. Wild Cherries
  170. Wishing
  171. With Music
  172. With My Head In The Clouds
  173. With You
  174. Woodman, Woodman, Spare That Tree!
  175. Yankee Love
  176. Yiddisha Eyes
  177. Yiddisha Nightingale
  178. Yiddle On Your Fiddle, Play Some Ragtime
  179. You Can't Brush Me Off
  180. You Cannot Make Your Shimmy Shake On Tea
  181. You'd Be Surprised
  182. You're A Sentimental Guy
  183. You're A Sucker For A Dame
  184. You're Fun To Be With
  185. You've Built A Fire Down In My Heart
  186. You've Got Me Hypnotized
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