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Hallowed Be My Name


I cover the trail behind me, stay out of the light
There's something alive in the darkness
I can feel the power and it's might

For years I have walked in the shadows
banned for my believes
Cause around me the walls are falling
Bridges burn, in flames without a spark

Cause I'm searching high and low
Through dark places I must go
I am the one you should not blame
Hallowed be my Name - My Name

There's no place for me in heaven, nor a place in hell
Sentenced to walk here forever
This will be my final place to dwell

I walk alone, no legions will follow my path
A stranger to my own shadow
But something's wrong I can feel it to the bone

When I stand on sea and shore
Storms will rage and oceans roar
I raise my hammer, take my aim
Hallowed be my Name - My Name


Vultures fly, the ravens cry
No stars are shining on the darkened sky
One allegiance, sun and moon
My eyes are red my soul is turning into black

When I stand on sea and shore
Storms will rage and oceans roar
I raise my hammer, take my aim
Cause Hallowed be my Name

You can lie and crush my heart
Steal my soul, tear me apart
Still it's something you can not claim
Hallowed be my Name - My Name

Composición: Oscar Dronjak · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Adriano
515 reproducciones
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  36. Guitar Solo: Stefan Elmgren
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