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Yearbook Club: Boys in Bands Interlude

Gym Class Heroes

And so it goes.

We mouth your words when your tongues are too paralyzed.

We finish up the peanut butter jelly you get on your ?router? but never eat.

We still pee in bottles
We play at your graduation parties
We have fallen comrades, we just rebuild the team.

Our friends are rich and we love it.
Cause it makes us look wealthy too.

Shit, i still got a sidekick 1 with a crack in the fucking screen man.

We were your favorite "i'm the first person to know about these guys" band.

We dance to use me by bill winters in a drunken stupor
Untill ma gets ready to tell us to go the fuck home and kick us out.

We make mistakes
We love we hate
Were not angry anymore though

Still miss you
Still love you
Like a slug hates salt
And we're still your heroes.

Composición: Gym Class Heroes / Sam Hollander · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Camila
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