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Exercise Your Faith

Greg X Volz

Have you exercised your faith today
Or are you strictly going through the motions
Cause if you exercise your faith today
You're bound to stir up quite a commotion
Jesus healed the blind man on the sabbath day
Were the pharisees convinced they would make him pay
When all was said and done needless to say
Only god could heal the blind man on that day

Did you exercise your faith today
Or are you strictly going through the motions
Cause if you've exercised your faith today
You're bound to stir up quite a commotion
If you will seek, then you will find
Have faith in god, it's just a matter of time
Somehow you will complete the race
So you can claim the prize, when it's face to face

Composición: Greg X. Volz · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Christian
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