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Path Of The Right Love

Gloria Estefan

Love, love, love, love, love
Say the word so very losely
Where we come from is love, love, pure love
And we're on our way back home
And on that way, you never look back
'cause there's nothing there to see
Just look around you
There's always someone that's in need
Of maybe just kindness
As we watch each other bleed
From wounds we choose
We never lose

Love, love, love, love, love
Misunderstood yet so desired
We pay the cost for love, love, real love
But we get back so much more, so much more
So many questions
Begining to unfold
I look for the answers
In the middle of my soul
I know you're out there
And it's not like I've been told
So I run to you
I run to you

To find the path of the right love
Oh yeah the path of the right love
We're on the path of the one love
Oh yeah the path of the right love

Love, love, love, love, love
All around yet so elusive
If we don't reach out for love, love, this love
We're all just wasting time, precious time

When in the long run
What's meant to be will be
Those things we ask for
Become our destiny
But while we're living
Our souls can not be free
Eventually, we will come to see

To find the path of the right love, right love, right love
Oh yeah the path of the right love
We're on the path of the one love, yeah, yeah
Oh yeah the path of the right love

And that love, love, love, true love
Must surely be good, must surely be kind
And that love sweet love, strong love
Is meant to be yours, is meant to be mine
And I do believe if we share this life
We must learn to share all it's pain and strife

To find the path of the right love
Oh yeah the path of the right love
We're on the path of the one love
Oh yeah the path of the right love

To find the path of the right love
Oh yeah the path of the right love
We're on the path of the one love
Oh yeah the path of the right love

Aspire to your inevitable bliss
And every grace will be given you

Composición: Gloria Estefan · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por RAFAEL
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