(todas) Keobi naseo shijakjocha an hae bwaht-damyeon
Keudaen tudeoldaeji mara jom (GG)
Jujeohamyeon gihwehneun modu neoreul bikyeo-ga
Gaseum pyeogo nawahbwahra jom (TRX)

(todas) Bring the boys out
Yeah, you know
Bring the boys out
We bring the boys out
We bring the boys out
Bring the boys out

(TaeYeon) Sunrie majchwo saneun geot
Neon gildeulyeojyeo beoryeo-nni
Kwaehn-chanh-ni get up

(Yoona) Amdamhan sesangi geudael junukdeul-ke
Mandeuni that's funny kwaehn-chanh-ni
(Sunny) Keunyang bol suga eop-seo nan
Budijhigo kkaejyeodo myeoch beonigo i-reona

(SeoHyun) Nal-karob-ge meotjike i-reul naekoya
Maldeon ne yaseongeul boyeojwo
My boy bring the boys out

(refrão) Girl-s' ge-neration makee you feel the heat
(Yuri) Jeon sekye-ga neoreul jumo-khae
Bring the boys out

(SooYoung) Wiipungdo dangdang-haji ppyeossokbu-teo
Neon wonrae meotjyeosseo
You know the girls
Bring the boys out

(Jessica) Heunteu-lli-ji mal-go keudaen jaril jikyeo
Wonrae jeonjaeng gateun salmeul saneun inkaninkeol
Neoneun waeh (yes fly high)
Beol-sseo waeh (you fly high) po-gihae
Oh neon meo-reot-janha

(SeoHyun) Neoye jimnyeomeul boyeojwo jikureul jom
Heundeu-reojwo moduga neol bol su itke
(TaeYeon) Yeoksaneun saerob-ge sseuyeojike twehl keol
Juwinkongeun baro neo baro neo

Bring the boys out
Girl-s' ge-neration make you feel the heat
(Tiffany) Jeon sekye-ga neoreul jumo-khae
Bring the boys out

(HyoYeon) Wiipungdo dangdang-haji ppyeossokbu-teo
Neon wonrae meotjyeosseo
You know the girls
Bring the boys out

Girls bring the boys out
(Yuri) I wanna dance right now
Nae-ga ikkeu-reo jul-ke come out
(Yoona) Sesang namjadeu-riyeo nan
No.1 jihyereul juneun
Athena check this out
(HyoYeon) Jeul-kyeobwahra, dojeonye seolle-im
Imi modu kajin sesangye namja
(SooYoung) Keudaero chuk ganeun geoya keep up
Girls' generation, we don't stop

Bring the boys out

(Jessica) Makhyeobeoryeot-deon mirae-ga anboyeot-deon
Mirae-ga ne nunape pyeolchyeojyeo
(TaeYeon) Cheomcheom deo wahnbyeokhan ne moseube
Machi nan ppallyeodeul keot kata my heart

Keobi naseo shijakjocha an hae bwaht-damyeon
Keudaen tudeoldaeji mara jom
Bring the boys out (Just bring the boys out)

(SeoHyun) Jujeohamyeon gihwehneun modu neoreul bikyeo-ga
Gaseum pyeogo nawah bwahra jom
Bring the boys out

(Jessica) Cause the girls bring the boys out
Girls bring the boys out
Girls bring the boys out girls bring the boys out

Girls' ge-neration make'em feel the heat
(Sunny) Jeon sekye-ga uril jumo-khae
Bring the boys out
(Tiffany) Sesangeurikkeul namja
Meotjin yeojadeul yeo-gi moyeora
You know the girls
Bring the boys out

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