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Make Ya Self

Far East Movement

Make yaself, Don't break yaself
Make yaself, Don't break yaself
Be afraid cause I'm something your're not
Don't be afraid cause I'm something you're not
Be afraid cause I'm something you're not
Don't be afraid cause I'm something you're not

[VERSE 1: Kev Nish]
Time to face off, B-B-Break you off
From your head to your shoulders you can't shake me off
New kid on the corner ain't the same old song
I'm a punk on the mission just to piss you off
You mad cause I exist son, I walk the walk
Hearing the way you talk, bite like a real dog
Struggling half- ass will leave you lined in chalk
I'm giving it all I got, if you step I stomp
I got, nothing to lose but my, 2 pairs of shoes
So I'm, breaking you fools with my S-S-Sonic Boom!
Wake up the troops, lace up the boots
Shake up the juice, times up I got a job to do

[CHORUS: x2]
Make yaself, Don't break yaself
Make yaself, Don't break yaself
Be afraid cause I'm something your're not
Don't be afraid cause I'm something you're not

[VERSE 2: Prohgress]
Things getting heavy these days, I tried to call my mama
But she ain't wanna deal with all the drama
Gotta to get paid, that's the keynote
So I can grab a smoke with my chili cheese fritos
I need to breathe homie, back on up
Independent as what, you can check my trucks
Rollin down the slope going 95
And I ain't need Superman to come and save my life
Cause I'm free when I'm falling, free for my calling
Grab the microphone and I'm Yiggy-yes ya'llin
For no one else, this is for myself
So raise your damn hands up to the sky like you need help


[VERSE 3: J-Splif]
Final shot, 4th quarter go and give me the ball
It's a mismatch, Isolation, clear the floor
With the eye of the tiger, heart of a champion
Step to the clutch when my number is called
I've been grinding on the streets like some worn out breaks
Get my super hero on I done brought the cape
Nonstop evolution got progression to make
And I'm Taking your goods, bulldozin my way
Give me this, give me that, with cheese lil busta
Wrong place wrong time young hustla
Another day I put my life on this game
Do the impossible sit on top of the chain


Come on come on come on come on come on [x4]


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