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People I almost gave up holding on
Watching us give into our fears
I almost believe
Almost believe
All the world is helpless sorrow
No hope for a bright tomorrow
But I'm not sure enough
To give it up... no

Now as I learn how I must work for change
I nearly cave in from the weight
I almost believe
Almost believe
All the sorrows will consume me
'Til peace among men I never can see
But I'm not sure enough to give it up

I'll keep faith
Like so many souls who won't be drowned
By evil in the world
I have faith in mankind
That we can guide our choices towards a healthy world
In time to ease our bind
For only hard work through time
Can change men's minds, I know
If we make some small changes now
We'll heal ourselves, some way, some how

I don't expect to ever taste the fruit
My life devoted could bring forth
I almost believe
Well i do believe
Oh the path to peace is endless
So, choosing to close our eyes makes our fault mendless
Of this i'm sure enough

I won't give up
I'm sure enough
And I won't give up
I'm sure enough
And I won't give up

Composición: Esperanza Spalding · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Catarina
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