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Black was the night when I did surrender
I did give in to my weakening side
Now that I'm empty, my dreams once were many
Souls bid a cry to unleash the divine

When you think there's no way out
And all you see collides
Hope will in the end chase all your fears away

Fighting the source was not recommended
Trails of a wish were the hope to survive
Skins full ablazing, release crystal gazing
All of it led to a deeper demise

When you think there's no way out
And no one comprehends
Hope will show your smile again

What I left behind
Another night of weary dreams
What's been left behind
Another time where days of late are far away
Far away

Losing my reasons, no lies to believe in
Left the obscure to the means of escape
Core has been shaking, there's no more pain to break me
Time has commenced and I long to awake

When you think there's no way out
Leave everything behind
You can live your life anew

What I left behind
Another night of weary dreams
What's been left behind
Another time where days of late are far away
Far away

Dark days behind me
Won't ever break me now

All that I left behind
Another night of weary dreams
What's been left behind
Another time where days of late are far away
Far away

Just another night in another time...

Composición: Isaac Delahaye / Mark Jansen / Simone Simons · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Felipe
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