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Wish You Were Here (With Me)

Enrique Iglesias

Funny how the years
They just pass us by
Seems like yesterday
You were in my life

You always wanted
To start a family
I was way too young
I was runnin' free

If you could only see me now
You'd realize
I'm not the boy who
Made you cry

You gave yourself
I didn't see it
You died in me
I should've saved you
Wish you were here with me

I thought I knew it all
How stupid could I be?
I think of all I had
And it makes me weak

If you could only see me now
You'd realize
I'm not the boy who
Made you cry

You gave yourself
I didn't see it
You died in me
I should've saved you
Wish you were here with me

You hurt the ones who love you most
And sometimes
You hold the ones who leave you lost
And sometimes
You learn but it's too late
It's too late

You gave yourself
I didn't see it
You died in me
I should've saved you

You gave yourself
Why did you give yourself to me?
You died in me
Why was I too blind to see?
Wish you were here with me

Funny how the years
Just pass us by

guilherme almeida

Composición: Enrique Iglesias / Mark Taylor / Paul Barry · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
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