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Rap God


Look, I was gonna go easy on you and not to hurt your feelings
But I'm only going to get this one chance
Something's wrong, I can feel it
(For six minutes, Slim Shady, you're on)
Just a feeling I've got, like something's about to happen
But I don't know what
If that means, what I think it means, we're in trouble, big trouble
And if he is as bananas as you say, I'm not taking any chances
You were just what the doc ordered

I'm beginning to feel like a Rap God, Rap God
All my people from the front to the back nod, back nod
Now who thinks their arms are long enough to slapbox, slapbox
They said I rap like a robot, so call me Rapbot

But for me to rap like a computer must be in my genes
I got a laptop in my back pocket
My pen'll go off when I half-cock it
Got a fat knot from that rap profit
Made a living and a killing off it
Ever since Bill Clinton was still in office
With Monica Lewinsky feeling on his nut-sack
I'm an MC still as honest
But as rude and as indecent as all hell
Syllables, skill-a-holic (kill 'em all with)
This flippity dippity-hippity hip-hop
You don't really wanna get into a pissing match
With this rappity-rap
Packing a Mac in the back of the Ac
Backpack rap crap, yap-yap, yackety-yack
And at the exact same time
I attempt these lyrical acrobat stunts while I'm practicing that
I'll still be able to break a mothafuckin' table
Over the back of a couple of faggots and crack it in half
Only realized it was ironic
I was signed to Aftermath after the fact
How could I not blow?
All I do is drop F-bombs
Feel my wrath of attack
Rappers are having a rough time period
Here's a maxi pad
It's actually disastrously bad for the wack
While I'm masterfully constructing this master piece

I'm beginning to feel like a Rap God, Rap God
All my people from the front to the back nod, back nod
Now who thinks their arms are long enough to slapbox, slapbox
Let me show you maintaining this shit ain't that hard, that hard

Everybody want the key and the secret
To rap immortality like I have got
Well, to be truthful the blueprint's
Simply rage and youthful exuberance
Everybody loves to root for a nuisance
Hit the earth like an asteroid
Did nothing but shoot for the moon since
MC's get taken to school with this music
Cause I use it as a vehicle to "bus the rhyme"
Now I lead a new school full of students
Me? I'm a product of Rakim, Lakim Shabazz, 2Pac
N.W.A, Cube, hey Doc, Ren, Yella, Eazy, thank you, they got Slim
Inspired enough to one day grow up
Blow up and be in a position
To meet Run DMC and induct them
Into the mothafuckin' Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame
Even though I'll walk in the church
And burst in a ball of flames
Only Hall of Fame I'll be inducted in
Is the alcohol of fame, on the wall of shame
You fags think it's all a game
'Til I walk a flock of flames off a plank
And, tell me what in the fuck are you thinking?
Little gay-looking boy
So gay I can barely say it with a straight face, looking boy
You're witnessing a mass-occur
Like you're watching a church gathering take place, looking boy
Oy vey, that boy's gay, that's all they say, looking boy
You get a thumbs up, pat on the back
And a "way to go" from your label every day, looking boy
Hey, looking boy, what you say, looking boy
I get a "hell yeah" from Dre, looking boy
I'ma work for everything I have, never ask nobody for shit
Get outta my face, looking boy
Basically, boy, you're never gonna be capable
Of keeping up with the same pace, looking boy

Cause I'm beginning to feel like a Rap God, Rap God
All my people from the front to the back nod, back nod
The way I'm racing around the track, call me Nascar, Nascar
Dale Earnhardt of the trailer park, the White Trash God
Kneel before General Zod this planet's Krypton, no Asgard, Asgard

So you be Thor and I'll be Odin
You rodent, I'm omnipotent
Let off then I'm reloading immediately
With these bombs I'm toting
And I should not be woken, I'm the walking dead
But I'm just a talking head, a zombie floating
But I got your mom deep throating
I'm out my Ramen Noodle
We have nothing in common, poodle
I'm a doberman, pinch yourself in the arm
And pay homage, pupil
It's me, my honesty's brutal
But it's honestly futile
If I don't utilize what I do though
For good at least once in a while
So I wanna make sure
Somewhere in this chicken scratch
I scribble and doodle enough rhymes
To maybe try to help get some people through tough times
But I gotta keep a few punchlines
Just in case cause even you unsigned rappers
Are hungry looking at me like it's lunchtime
I know there was a time
Where once I was king of the underground
But I still rap like I'm on my Pharoahe Monch grind
So I crunch rhymes, but sometimes when you combine
Appeal with the skin color of mine
You get too big and here they come trying to censor you
Like that one line I said on "I'm Back" from the Mathers LP
One when I tried to say I'll take seven kids from Columbine
Put 'em all in a line, add an AK-47, a revolver and a nine
See if I get away with it now that I ain't as big as I was
But I'm morphing into an immortal
Coming through the portal
You're stuck in a time warp from 2004, though
And I don't know what the fuck that you rhyme for
You're pointless as Rapunzel with fucking cornrows
You write normal? Fuck being normal
And I just bought a new raygun from the future
Just to come and shoot ya
Like when Fabolous made Ray J mad
Cause Fab said he looked like a fag at Mayweather's pad
Singing to a man while they played piano
Man, oh man, that was a 24/7 special on the cable channel
So Ray J went straight to the radio station
The very next day, "Hey Fab, I'ma kill you!"
Lyrics coming at you at supersonic speed (J.J. Fad)
Uh, summa-lumma, dooma-lumma, you assuming I'm a human
What I gotta do to get it through to you? I'm superhuman
Innovative and I'm made of rubber
So that anything you say is ricocheting off of me
And it'll glue to you
And I'm devastating, more than ever demonstrating
How to give a mothafuckin' audience a feeling like it's levitating
Never fading, and I know the haters are forever waiting
For the day that they can say I fell off, they'll be celebrating
Cause I know the way to get 'em motivated
I make elevating music, you make elevator music
"Oh, he's too mainstream"
Well, that's what they do when they get jealous
They confuse it
It's not hip-hop, it's pop
Cause I found a hella way to fuse it with rock
Shock rap with Doc
Throw on "Lose Yourself" and make 'em lose it
"I don't know how to make songs like that
I don't know what words to use"
Let me know when it occurs to you
While I'm ripping any one of these verses
That versus you, it's curtains
I'm inadvertently hurting you
How many verses I gotta murder to
Prove that if you were half as nice your songs
You could sacrifice virgins too
School flunky, pill junky
But look at the accolades these skills brung me
Full of myself, but still hungry
I bully myself cause I make me do what I put my mind to
And I'm a million leagues above you
Ill when I speak in tongues
But it's still tongue in cheek, fuck you
I'm drunk, so Satan take the fucking wheel
I'm asleep in the front seat
Bumping Heavy D and the Boyz
Still Chunky but Funky
But in my head there's something
I can feel tugging and struggling
Angels fight with devils
And here's what they want from me
They're asking me to eliminate some of the women hate
But if you take into consideration the bitter hatred I had
Then you may be a little patient
And more sympathetic to the situation
And understand the discrimination
But fuck it, life's handing you lemons
Make lemonade then
But if I can't batter the women
How the fuck am I supposed to bake them a cake then?
Don't mistake him for Satan
It's a fatal mistake
If you think I need to be overseas
And take a vacation to trip abroad
And make her fall on her face
And don't be a retard
Be a king? Think not
Why be a king when you can be a God?

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  213. Off The Dome
  214. One Day At A Time
  215. Pick It Up
  216. Rocafella Beat
  217. Rockville
  218. Shady Records
  219. Sometimes
  220. The Battle Song
  221. Verbal Suicide
  222. Battle
  223. Flyest Material
  224. Spit Shine
  225. Time Of My Life
  226. Wasting My Time
  227. You Still Love Me
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  230. Exclusive freestyle
  231. Failed destiny
  232. Christmas Stan (Parody)
  233. Smack That
  234. W.E.G.O. (Interlude)
  235. Ain't Nuthin' But Music
  236. Burning Up
  237. Can't Get A Reduction
  238. Check On It
  239. Clean Clothes
  240. Falling Down
  241. Flat On The Floor
  242. Frail Limb Nursery
  243. No Way No How
  244. Wait A Minute
  245. There They Go
  246. You Don't Know
  247. Gatman And Robin (ft. 50 Cent)
  248. The Most Shady
  249. Are You Afraid? (freestyle)
  250. Jingle Bells
  251. My Natural Habitat
  252. Hailie's Revenge
  253. No Apologies
  254. Jimmy Crack Corn
  255. Public Enemy #1
  256. The Re-up
  257. We're Back
  258. Bring Our Boys (ft. D12)
  259. Green And Gold
  260. Shady Narcotics (Eminem Intro)
  261. Trapped
  262. It's Murda (Cable Guy Remix)
  263. Just Rhymin Wit Proof (feat. Proof of D-12)
  264. My Name Is (Bootleg Version)
  265. Thug Love
  266. Murder
  267. Oil can harry
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  3. We're still #1 (Freestyle)
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  5. By My Side
  6. Everything Is Shady
  7. Get Low
  8. Talkin' All That
  9. There He Is
  10. Tryin' Ta Win
  11. We Ride For Shady
  12. Whatever You Want
  13. Ludacris Diss
  14. Bin Laden
  15. Pistol Poppin'
  16. Foolish pride
  17. Drop it like it's hot (Freestyle)
  18. traightening
  19. Grindin' (Freestyle) (Feat. Xzibit)
  20. Touchdown (feat T.I.)
  21. Hustlers And Hardcore
  22. Pimplikeness
  23. To All My Niggas
  24. Census Bureau
  25. She's The One
  26. Shit on the Mic
  27. Fuck That
  28. Peep Show
  29. Wut Kolore Izz Sole
  30. Hazardous Youth
  31. 8 Mile Freestyle (Vs. Papa Doc)
  32. Ken Kaniff (2nd Version)
  33. Pimp Like Me
  34. With Smiley (Parody Of Without Me)
  35. I Can be
  36. Crackers And Cheese
  37. It's Only Fair To Warn (Freestyle)
  38. Three Six Five
  39. Pistol Pistol (Remix)
  40. Ski Mask Way (Eminem Remix)
  41. Cry Now (Shady Remix)
  42. I'm Having A Relapse
  43. Three Little Indians
  44. Number One
  45. Breaking Bottles
  46. Quitter / Hit 'Em Up (Everlast Diss)
  47. Armageddon Freestyle
  48. Cry Me A Superman (Mash Up)
  49. Fubba U Cubba Cubba
  50. Slow Your Roll
  51. Crack A Bottle (Final) (Feat. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent)
  52. Crack a Bottle (Number One)
  53. 3 A.M.
  54. Old Time's Sake
  55. Deja-Vu
  56. Insane
  57. Bagpipes From Baghdad
  58. Hello
  59. Medicine Ball
  60. Stay Wide Awake
  61. Must Be The Ganja
  62. Underground
  63. Same Song & Dance
  64. Careful What You Wish For
  65. My Darling
  66. Dr. West
  67. Tonya
  68. Mr Mathers
  69. The Armageddon Freestyle
  70. The Warning
  71. B-Rabbit v.s Lotto 2nd Battle From 8 Mile
  72. Forever
  73. Dejavu
  74. Taking My Ball
  75. Psycho
  76. Mr. Mathers
  77. Buffalo Bill
  78. Hell Breaks Loose (Ft Dr Dre)
  79. Music Box
  80. Elevator
  81. Drop The World
  82. Drop The Bomb On 'Em
  83. Airplane 2
  84. Shit Can Happen
  85. Pistol Pistol
  86. Purple Hills
  87. Blow My Buzz
  88. Despicable
  89. Airplanes Pt. 2 (feat. B.o.B. / Hayley Williams)
  90. Best Rapper Alive
  91. It Was Just A Dream
  92. Won't Back Down (feat. P!nk)
  93. Won't back down (Feat. Pink)
  94. Talkin' 2 Myself
  95. So Bad
  96. W.T.P.
  97. Almost Famous
  98. Going Through Changes
  99. On Fire
  100. Cinderella Man
  101. You're Never Over
  102. Seduction
  103. Here We Go
  104. Session One (Feat. Slaughterhouse)
  105. Ridaz
  106. These Drugs
  107. Untitled
  108. 100 Degrees
  109. Classic Shit (feat. Stat Quo)
  110. Roman's Revenge
  111. Love The Way You Lie (feat. Rihanna) (Part. II)
  112. Living Proof (feat. Royce Da 5′9″)
  113. I Need A Doctor(feat. Dr.Dre & Skylar Grey)
  114. Session One (feat. Slaughterhouse)
  115. Echo (Ft. Royce da 5′9″ & Liz Rodriguez)
  116. Where I'm At
  117. Syllables (feat. Dr Dre, 50 Cent & Jay-Z)
  118. Difficult
  119. Give Me The Ball
  120. Oh No
  121. Fly Away
  122. Fly Away (ft Just Blaze)
  123. Things Get Worse (feat. B.o.B.)
  124. The Apple
  125. G.o.a.t
  126. Wee Wee
  127. Going Crazy (feat. D12)
  128. It's Been Real (Proof Tribute)
  129. Ballin Uncontrollably
  130. Atlanta On Fire (feat. Stat Quo)
  131. 50 Ways (Feat. Martin L. Gore)
  132. Get Money
  133. The Bad, The Sad And The Hated (feat. Lil Wayne)
  134. Chonkyfire
  135. Writer's Block
  136. What I Am
  137. Lighters (feat. Bruno Mars & Royce Da 5'9)
  138. Fastlane
  139. Loud Noises (feat. Slaughterhouse)
  140. Take From Me
  141. Loud Noises (feat. Royce Da 5'9)
  142. Above The Law (feat. Royce da 5'9)
  143. A Kiss (feat. Royce da 5'9)
  144. Welcome 2 Hell (feat. Royce da 5'9)
  145. The Reunion
  146. I'm On Everything
  147. 8 Miles And Runnin (feat. Freeway)
  148. Osama Bin Laden Diss
  149. A Drop In The Ocean
  150. Listen To Your Heart
  151. Throw It Up (feat. Gangsta Boo)
  152. All She Wrotes
  153. Talk To Me (feat. Young Jeezy)
  154. No Return (feat. Drake)
  155. Fly Away (featuring Just Blaze)
  156. Fast Lane
  157. Fame
  158. Encore / Curtains Down
  159. Eminem - B-rabbit V.s Lotto 2nd Battle From 8 Mile
  160. Dr. West (skit)
  161. Fuckin' Backstabber
  162. Get You Mad
  163. Guilty Conscience (Radio Edit)
  164. Just Rhymin Wit Mc Proof
  165. Invasion (The Realest)
  166. Intro (Slim Shady)
  167. If I Get Locked Up Tonite
  168. I'm Not Afraid
  169. I'll Shit On You
  170. I'll Hurt You
  171. I Need a Doctor
  172. Hell Breaks Loose
  173. Die Hard
  174. Curtain's Close
  175. 8 Mile Tree Last Battle
  176. 8 Mile Freestyle - Vs. Lotto
  177. 8 Mile Freestyle - Vs. Lickety Split
  178. 8 Mile (G-unit Remix)
  179. 8 Mile
  180. 50 Ways
  181. A Kiss
  182. Airplanes (part 2)
  183. Cocaine (Ft. Jazmine Sullivan)
  184. Chonkyfire (swag Juice) (ft. Mr Porter)
  185. Chemical Warfare
  186. Celebrity
  187. Busa Rhyme
  188. Bump Heads
  189. Bodyguard
  190. Bitch Please II
  191. '97 Bonnie and Clyde
  192. Just Rhymin Wit' Proof (Freestyle)
  193. Zelda Rap (Remix)
  194. Throw It Up
  195. Things Get Worse
  196. The Kiss (Skit)
  197. The Cypher (with Mos Def, and Black Thought)
  198. Talking 2 Myself
  199. Talk 2 Me
  200. Syllables (feat. Jay-z, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent)
  201. Steve Berman (Marshall Mather LP)
  202. Soldier (the Goat Remix 1st verse)
  203. Tonya (skit)
  204. Touchdown
  205. Won't Back Down
  206. Without Me (Skit With Ken)
  207. What The Beat
  208. Welcome To Detroit City
  209. We All Die 1 Day
  210. Watch Dees
  211. Wanksta (eminem's Version)
  212. Shake That (remix)
  213. Shady Narcotics (intro)
  214. Murder Murder
  215. Mr. Mathers (skit)
  216. Make Some Noise (Featering Dr.Dre)
  217. Living Proof
  218. Lighters (Feat. Bruno Mars)
  219. Ken Kaniff
  220. Just the Two of Us(Radio Edit)
  221. Murder Murder (Remix)
  222. My 1st Single
  223. No Love (ft. Lil Wayne)
  224. Shady 2.0 (Cypher)
  225. Session One
  226. Searchin'
  227. Say My Name (jermaine Dupri And Moby Diss)
  228. Run Rabbit Run
  229. Renegade
  230. Purple Pills
  231. Nuttin' To Do
  232. Richard (feat. Obie Trice)
  233. Throw That (feat. Slaughterhouse)
  234. Throw That (feat. Slaughterhouse)
  235. Our House (feat. Slaughterhouse / Skylar Grey)
  236. Here Comes The Weekend (feat. P!nk)
  237. Closed Doors (feat. Nicki Minaj)
  238. Numb (feat. Rihanna)
  239. My Life (feat. 50 Cent & Adam Levine)
  240. C'mon Let Me Ride (feat. Skylar Grey)
  241. My Only Chance
  242. You're My Angel (ft. Lil Wayne / Ludacris / 2Pac / Jadakiss)
  243. Stronger Than I Was
  244. Legacy
  245. Love Game
  246. Love Game (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
  247. Desperation (feat. Jamie N Commons)
  248. Rhyme Or Reason
  249. Evil Twin
  250. So Much Better
  251. Bad Guy
  252. Welcome 2 Hell
  253. Parking Lot (Skit)
  254. Groundhog Day
  255. Don't Front (feat. Buckshot)
  256. Beautiful Pain (feat. Sia)
  257. Wicked Ways
  258. Baby
  259. Violent Rhythym (feat. Linkin Park)
  260. Calm Down (feat. Busta Rhymes)
  261. Pooh Butt Day
  262. Go Ahead
  263. Twisted (feat. Skylar Grey / Yelawolf)
  264. Right For Me
  265. Fine Line
  266. Vegas (ft. Royce da 5'9)
  267. Farewell
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