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Way Home

Ed Sheeran

Well i once heard a story about a run-down home
Where a man and his thoughts lived all alone
He tried to live, no effort was shown
He’s slowly finding a way back home

He had a family with smiles and frowns
They never could solve his way to be down
Cos he’s one dog who don’t want a bone
He’s slowly finding a way back home

He had a nice house with windows and doors
He said to his wife what’s mine is yours
But the seeds of deception are soon to be sown
He’s slowly finding a way back home

His children have left but the rooms are still there
His misses the noise and the scents in their hair
But far from the nest the babies have flown
He’s slowly finding a way back home

His wife was an angel sent from above
He never returned her kisses or love
But soon he’d found that she’d overgrown
This man who’s finding a way back home

So the leaves are all dead in this broken man’s june
The rain will still fall on the sunny afternoon
He stares at the floor, no more to roam
He’s slowly finding a way back home

Well i once heard a story about a run-down home
Where a man with regrets lived all alone
He tried to live, no effort was shown
He’ll never find a way back home

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