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Grey Room

Damien Rice

Well I've been here before
I've sat on the floor in a grey grey room
Where I stay in all day
I don't eat, but I play with this grey grey food

If someone is prayin' then I might break out
Even if I scream I can't scream that loud

So I'm all alone again
Crawling back home again
Just stuck by the phone again

Yeah, well I've been here before
Sat on a floor in a grey grey mood
Where I stay up all night
And all that I write is a grey, grey tune

So pray for me child
Just for a while and I might break out, yeah
Pray for me child even a smile would do for now

So I'm all alone again
Crawling back home again
Just stuck by the phone again

Have I still got you to be my open door?
Have I still got you to be my sandy shore?
Have I still got you to cross my bridge in this storm?
Have I still got you to keep me warm?

Coz if I squeeze my grape and I drink my wine, yeah
Coz if I squeeze my grape and I drink my wine, yeah
Yeah, oh coz nothing is lost this is frozen in frost
And it's opening time end there's no-one in line

But I've still got me to be your open door
I've still got me to be your sandy shore
I've still got me to cross your bridge in this storm
And I've still got me to keep you warm

Warmer than warm, yeah
Warmer than warm, yeah
Warmer than warm, yeah
Warmer than warm, yeah

Composición: Damien Rice · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
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