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The best news I've ever heard was when you said you wouldn't leave
because I know the distance would tear us apart.
And all the things you said,
wouldn't mean a thing if you were hear with me,
So as you turn your back to me,
I just want to let you know I would never do this to you.

Let's Go.
This is where our rodes divide and they split in two,
and I will never see you again.
I will never see you again,
But I respect your choice.

The familiar pain sets in again,
And I won't let this bring me down.
It's things like this that made me who I am today.
It's things like this that help to shape/make me who I am today,
It's every hardship I have faced.

And I've lost hope in myself,
but I just want you to know,
As everyday goes by,
Everyday goes by,
As Everyday goes by,
Everyday goes by,
I must accept that you're now living your own life.

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