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Dark Room

Corrina Jaye

A negative, a negative, a negative
I never fell down so far (until you caught me)
A positive, a positive reaction
When i see where you are (a sweet distraction)
A day and night, a black and white, a wrong and right
I never felt so bizarre
And i know it sounds crazy
I only met you but i want to go, go, go, go, go

Go into a dark room,
Let the night enclose us
I’m looking for some real exposure
So c’mon baby move in closer, closer, closer
In a dark room
Baby you can make it better
I want something that can last forever
And ever, (let’s go, let’s go)
And ever (let’s go, let’s go)
Let’s go into a dark room

A midnight glance, that secret dance
And touch of hands
Lead me to straight to your heart (you know you’ve got me)
A quiet exchange that rearranged my sense of change (this could be a new start)
I know it’s crazy i only made you but i wanna go, go, go,

Go into a dark room, baby you know i got my eye on you
Go into a dark room, baby you know i got my eye on you

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