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Cody Simpson

You're perfect
You're perfect girl
Oh, ohh
You're my perfect girl

Here I am sitting outside your door
In the rain, In the pain
It's worth it

You are my life I won't lie
But I never seen a girl so fine
Since i've been alive

You're perfect, I know it
You're perfect girl


I will do anything to be with you
There's nothing in the world
to make me give up, girl
I will do anything to be with you
If that's what it takes, whatever it takes
Its got what it takes.

I'll wait for you to turn your head around
That's why we'll leave the ground tonight
We'll fly to the stars, my sky
Now I want to be by your side
Til the end of my time

You're perfect
I know it,
You're perfect girl


Don't take too long to set me free, yeah
Cuz you hold the only key to me
and the chains around my heart, my heart, oh yeah


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