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This Oath


Remember the time I burned all bridges to you,
It still breaks my heart in two
How can I gain your trust again?
How can I make you believe again?

My heart beats just for you
I'll never let you go
Take this oath
I love you
My heart beats just for you
I'll never let you go
Take this oath
Everything is just for you

Which words are strong enough
To make us rise from the ashes
Forgiven is not forgotten
I want to be with you for now and forever,
But forever is not even quite enough

Be my haven, be my anchor
Be my guiding light and lead us home
My heart is close to burst
My horizon is on fire
And the sky turns from blue to grey
Take my heart and save my soul

My heart beats just for you
I'll never let you go
Take this oath
I love you
My heart beats just for you
I'll never let you go
Take this oath
Everything is just for you
My heart beats just for you
I'll never let you go
My heart beats just for you
Everything is just for you

Composición: Andreas Dörner / Marc Görtz · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Camila
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