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Sexual Device

Bonnie Tyler

I'm a run away freight train
Headin' on down your track
I'm the eye of a hurricane
Shooting daggers in your back
I'm the howl at the window
The sound of a crackling flame
Getting uncontrollable
And the lines about to break

Nine times out of ten
I get what I want
I always want more
Gonna get what I'm looking for

Be my sexual
Be my sexual device
Be my sexual
Be my sexual device

I'm a tiger in the bedroom
A mist in the air at night
An oasis in the fire
A shock on the airwaves
A fighter with a hungry heart
I'm incurable
A new sensation
No reservations

This time I win
This time you lose
I still want more
Give me what I'm looking for

Be my sexual
Be my sexual device
Be my sexual
Be my sexual device

Be my sexual
Be my sexual device
Be my sexual
Be my sexual device

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Composición: Stuart Emerson / Andy Kim · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
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  73. Too Hot
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  32. Si Tout S'arrete (it's a Heartache)
  33. Simply Believe
  34. Stand Up
  35. The Streets Of Stone
  36. Turtle Blues
  37. When I Close My Eyes
  38. Wings
  39. I'm Not Foolin'
  40. Let It Be (Various Artists)
  41. Ravishining
  42. Sailing (various Artists)
  43. Heaven!
  44. Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young
  45. In My Life
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  47. Eclipse Totale De Coeur
  48. Human Touch
  49. Turn Arround
  50. Don't Tell Me It's Over Now
  51. Lean On Me
  52. Amazed
  53. Sola a La Orilla Del Mar
  54. Reaching For The Infinite Heart
  55. Tables Turn
  56. It's Over
  57. Into The Sunset (Duet with Mike Batt)
  58. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
  59. Heaven Is Here (Duet with Giorgio Moroder)
  60. Emotional Fire (feat. Cher)
  61. And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going
  62. All By Myself
  63. A Rockin' Good Way (feat. Shakin' Stevens)
  64. A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste (feat. Meat Loaf)
  65. Learning To Fly
  66. Live-In World (Various Artists)
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  80. Love Is The Knife
  81. Mom
  82. You Try
  83. Stubborn
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