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You think your going nowhere when your walking down the street
acting like u just don't care when life could be so sweet
so why you wana be like that 'cos this is nothing new
your not fooling no one you're not even fooling you
so walk a little slower and open up your eyes
some times its so hard to see the good things passing by
well there may never be a sign no flashing neon light
i'm telling you to make your move or when the time is right so?
Why not? (why not)
take a crazy chance?
Why not?
do a crazy dance?
it may take a little butt it may take a lot but why not? (why not?)

You always dress in yellow when you wana dress in gold
instead of listening to your heart you do just what your told
well you keep waiting were you are
no one will ever no
so lets just get into your car and go babie go!
Why not? (why not)
take a crazy chance
Why not do a crazy dance
it may take a little but it may take alot
but why not? why not

ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i could be the one for you
ooooooohhhhhhhh yea maybe yes maybe no
oooooohhhhhhhh it could be the thing to do
all i'm saying is you gotta let me knowowo
a a ya a a a ya ya ya
a a ya ya a a yayaaaaaaa
you'll never get to heaven or even to L.A
if you don't beleive it theres a wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
why not? (take a star from the sky?)
why not? (spread your wings and fly?)
it may take a little but it may take alot!
but why not?
why not?

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