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Hey Mickey

Avril Lavigne

Oh mickey you're so fine,
Youre so fine you blow my mind.
Hey mickey (hey hey)
Hey mickey (hey hey)
Oh mickey youre so fine
Youre so fine you blow my mind
Hey mickey (hey hey)
Hey mickey

Youve been around all night
And thats a little long
You think you've got the right
But i think youve got it wrong
Why can't you say goodnight
So you can take me home mickey

Cause when you say you will
It always means you won't
Youre givin me the chills
Baby, please baby don't
Every night you still leave me all alone

Oh mickey what a pity you dont understand
You take me by the heart
When you take me by the hand
Oh mickey you're so pretty
Cant you understand?
Its guys like you mickey
Oh what you do mickey
Do mickey
Dont break my heart mickey.

Verse 2
Now when you take me by the hooves
Everyone's gonna know
Everytime you move
I get a little more sure
There's something we can use
So dont say no mickey!

So come on and give it to me
Anyway you can
Anyway you want to do it
Ill take it like a man
Oh please, baby please
Dont leave me in the ground* mickey!

Oh mickey you're so fine,
Youre so fine you blow my mind.
Hey mickey (hey hey)
Hey mickey (hey hey)
Oh mickey youre so fine,
Youre so fine you blow my mind
Hey mickey (hey hey)
Hey mickey

Composición: Spice Girls · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Diego
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