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Six In Da Morning


[Sean Don]
A-V, A-V, they know what it is
come on, A-V, Steve Stone, DJ

Lets get this party jumpin'

[Verse 1]
Straight V.I.P when I ride in the 6
get out of me whip, givin' my tips, slidin' in the mix
playas envy me cause my game is nice
rockin the g's cussin' the platinum fuss with the ice
step off in the club, straight thinkin bout sex
and I, bet, that shorty's gonna be next
all my mamis lookin' good
and the playas straight zonin'
and we aint leavin' till six in da mornin'(so what you gonna do)

all the mamis in the club, gettin' it on
and they aint leavin' till six in da mornin'
so what you wanna do mami, hey, what you wanna do mami
thugs in the club, poppin' bub
and they aint leavin till six in da mornin'(it's goin' down tonite)
so what you gonna do shorty, hey, what you gonna do shorty

[Verse 2]
flyin up on the skirt, bout to put it in work
hands on my shirt, shorty's straight ready to flirt
yell to the DJ, just play my song
keep me dancin'(dancin') all night long
got her mind blown, but the club is still hittin', and this west is still
trippin', and the playas they still sippin'
all the mamis lookin' good
and everybody's straight zonin'
and we aint leavin till six in the mornin'


[rap: Sean Don]
yo watch out for this pen
yo we put on like dun dun duh dun dun
it's some new dun duh dun
so move if you tryin' to front dun duh dun
the 'vant is dun duh dun
it's what you want duh dun
flow master
hatas you can't go no faster
we past ya
both the best D disaster
vinom on hatas
hotta like Vince caught up in a rapter
Sean Don, need I say more?
boriqua, play ball, for a bottle of Crysta'
in the best movie, the best ossy's
poppin' out the big body SUV's, blessed boozys, with the big S boobys
stoppin' playa hatas, exuse me,
now I see stars burstin', now thats juisy

[Chorus 2x]

said the club is closin'
you know where we goin'
the girls in the back dosin'
but they already knowin'
said the club is closin'
you know where we goin'
while the girls in the back dosin'
they already knowin'


I want some of your body
some of your body

Composición: Avant / Steve Huff · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
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