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Evil Twin

Arctic Monkeys

You've never met before
But still she greets you like a long lost rock and roll
She's definitely one of those
But you'll go wherever she goes

And when my body and my mind
Both start talking at the exact same time
Trying to think of ways to make her mine
But they're difficult to find

It's not what i need
No, your love's not what i need
So don't give it to me

And she said: "oh, well i knew this will sound cold
But i really have to go
Oh, it's not that i'm not free
There's nowhere i need to be
It's just your love's not what i need
So don't give it to me"

It's not what i need
No, your love's not what i need
So don't give it to me

She said: "baby, how can i believe you
How can i believe you when you can't believe your luck?"
No point sticking to the plan when it's going slow

It's more a hunger than a thirst
You'll break it out the second time
Before you know about the first
Looks well-equipped to leave you in the lurch
But you'll let her do her worst

And it's not hard to tell
It's obvious the other angels' faces fell
When she told them that she had to go
Troubled wings and overcoat for something colorful
(tha knows)

It's not what i need
No, your love's not what i need
So don't give it to me
No, your love's not what i need
So don't give it to me
No, your love's not what i need
So don't give it to me
No, your love's not what i need
So don't give it to me
Your love's not what i need

Composición: Alex Turner · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Jéssica
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