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Melt Down


The streets were cold and barren
The nights were dark and dank
And the sky, hadn't had a rain cloud in it for 25 years....
The buildings were dead and the alleys
Stunk from things that used to live there
Ahhh that wasn't the city I remembered

A Child in the street, barefoot pullin' at his
Mama's tattered coattails: like a rat dogs existence
With not a scrap left on the plate
And so much like a fable, their lives so unstable
Cause the only thing left was their faith
And there sure as hell ain't much I can do
About it....

There's a Meltdown in the sky
There's a new day comin' and I don't know why
There's a fear that gets me high
And the cold night numbs as the Jet Black clouds roll on by....

So sad was the scene that my eyes did behold
Made me wonder just who was the foe
And was it all to come true what Nostradamus
Had predicted such a long long time ago?
You could hear screams and moanin'
From the people atoning
For their sins of a guilt ridden life
And the final door shuts
From the wind that leaves cuts
From the edge on the blade of God's knife
And there sure as hell ain't much I can do about....

There's a Melt Down in the Sky
There's a new day comin and I don't know why
There's a tear stuck in my eye
There's a new day comin' and I don't know why

Battle lines had been drawn
Mother nature how she cried
By her side, till the dawn
Couldn't kill her if they tried
How they tried, open eyed, genocide
Then... she died

Battle lines had been drawn
Mother nature how she cried
By her side, till the dawn
Couldn't kill her if they tried
How they tried, open eyed, genocide
Then... she died

There's a Meltdown in the sky
There's a new day comin' and I don't know why
There's a fear that gets me high

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